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Welcome to Budapest, Hungary May 23, 2012

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After arriving at our hotel, napping, and eating an absolutely delicious welcome dinner, a few friends and I decided to go for a walk around the city. We wandered toward the Danube river which separates Buda from Pest (Buda + Pest = Budapest, get it? Get it?), and over to the Buda side. We observed some absolutely beautiful views of the city and river as well as the well illuminated bridges that span the Danube.

This morning, we had an early breakfast and a short class time before being released for lunch. We strolled toward St. Stephen’s Church, our afternoon art location. The inside of the church was quite expansive and very impressive. After waiting out a nice afternoon thunderstorm, we walked to a trendy cafe nearby to have lunch.

The afternoon was spent in venturing out to the Franz Liszt Music Academy, but we found that it was undergoing major renovations so we weren’t able to go inside. Instead, we went into a small music store across the street which we thought was a shop that sold instruments and music and such. Instead, we found that it was a workshop where a man was making violins! He couldn’t speak very much English and we have no grasp of Hungarian, but it was fascinating to see all manners of violins and cellos in all sorts of stages of construction.

Soon we headed back to the hotel to relax for a couple hours before dinner.



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