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The Maastricht Marathon June 7, 2012

Posted by yvonneploder in Travel Log.
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As the end of week two rolls around here in Brussels, my professor decided to take us to the city of Maastricht on accord that the Maastricht Treaty was signed there. How appropriate. What the Maastricht Treaty did for the European Union was create the Euro and also the three pillar system…fascinating, I know. Witnessing the actual location of the signing of such a monumental moment in the history of the European Union however, was not what took my breath away. I can attribute the shortage of breath to our lovely tour guide, Pierre.

Now Pierre is an incredibly brilliant Brit earned his PhD in some sort of international affairs concentration from Oxford (forgive me for the lack of details) and all 150 pounds of him could out whit and out run any of us techies any day. I mean that literally. Pierre was determined to show us ALL of Maastricht in a total of 2.5 hours before he had to hop on the 2pm train back to Brussels where he was then taking the Tube to London for the weekend. Thus, we were led on a sprinting tour of the city. Old Maastricht and New Maastricht: we saw it all; the small canals, the random zoo, outdoor markets, cathedrals, hidden gardens, the university, the university library, his office, the shopping district, it goes on and on. The worst part was that everything was adorable and we, being the tourists that we are, simply had to photograph everything. But by the time you snapped your photo there were dwindling leaves in the spot were Pierre just stood and you would see the wisps of his jacket turning about the next corner. 

Even though the tour was quite exhausting Pierre did manage to give us a complete tour of the city and as we discussed during our well deserved lunch, we loved it! Maastricht really is a glorious college town where any person would be more than happy to live. With adorable nooks, delicious ice cream parlors, and a prestigious university it may just be the perfect spot to earn a masters degree.  




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