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A few lines composed above the Atlantic… June 18, 2012

Posted by Savannah Andersen in Travel Log.

Blow off the eraser shavings

Let it hit me

My first year officially over

Mixed goodbyes

See you this fall….

Pack the car with luggage and friends


Jump out of a plane!

What’s the hurry?

But why wait?

Study hard

Art and music

Fragonard’s “The Swing,” Baroque, 1767

The eternal pendulum

Ancient Rome, Renaissance, Middle Ages, Romanticism

AWESOME professors

Ponder “why?”

Hugs kisses tears

I love my family more than words can describe

Jump on a plane

Tardy departure

A steep incline to cruising altitude

Plastic crinkles

I’ve never eaten with my elbows so close to my sides

Isn’t it funny that we are taught not to talk to strangers?

Kind, comfortable façade and conversation

I know there is more

I don’t ask

It seems everyone has loved and lost

Memory… A delicate spider web in the morning dew

Colors melt together across the sky


Now it REALLY hits me

Dr. Ulrich is right

We should always brush our teeth for two minutes

Clear head and cloudy eyes

The longest I’ve ever talked to Him

Life in one word?




1. Savannah Andersen - June 18, 2012

Does anyone know if picture slideshows work on here?
They are in all my blog posts on my blog and they don’t seem to work here.

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