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Brussels and Bruges June 19, 2012

Posted by tsteindorf in Travel Log.
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Hi all, it’s Tyler Steindorf. I have a more up-to-date blog at http://tinysteinygoestofrance.wordpress.com, but I am going to start reblogging here as well. Enjoy!


Brussels and Bruges

Posted on May 20, 2012


Beer and Waffles and Fries- oh my! (oh, my stomach… carb overload)

So this was my first weekend traveling abroad in Europe, and we chose as a group to visit Belgium- specifically, Brussels and Bruges. One of our good friends Clark was in Brussels on his way to Germany for the LBAT, so myself and a group of seven (maybe one or two too many in my opinion) decided to visit him there. We arrived around 10:30 Friday night, and after some slight misdirection on CLEARLY the wrong side of the railroad tracks (the red light district), we found our way to the hotel.

After setting down our stuff (I had to sneak in because we booked two 3-person rooms and I decided to be the 7th man) we headed out to meet Clark and experience a bar called Delirium. We had heard a lot about this bar because of its ridiculous count of different beers, one of which was ranked the best in the world, according to the coaster I now have. Many of our friends decided to do Das Boot (1L) and a couple did two, so obviously the night didn’t end well for them. But it was definitely a fun experience.

The next morning, err late morning, we hopped on a train to Bruges. Feel free to Wikipedia Bruges, but from my understanding, Brussels was ranked the 2nd most boring city in Europe, while Bruges is what we all think Brussels is about. In a way, Bruges was a lot more natural and a lot less touristy. Akash, Clark, and I spent the whole day wandering the city, experiencing the sights, tastes, and buildings that Bruges had to offer. It was really cool! You will be able to check out pictures later on my Facebook once I get around to uploading them. There was a lot of chocolate, lace, and fries, and I was even able to purchase a pair of cheap sunglasses at H&M. We got back to Brussels around 7, and that evening we tried to go to some Chinese place that got rave reviews, but ended up at Thai when Chinese was closed (which was ok with me, because our waiter was hilarious).

The next morning (we went to bed early that night) we tried to do a bike tour of Brussels, but couldn’t find the rendezvous point. We ended up just taking a bus tour instead, and seeing more of Brussels. We did see the peeing boy statue, which was in fact very disappointing in size. Ha, pun, but seriously, the child was about a foot tall. Tried some mussels (which is a big step for me, for those of you who know that I got food poisoning on SBleven at PCB eating oysters) and some waffles, and then headed home. We had a brief layover in Luxembourg (country count to 7!) where we grabbed some Kebabs, and here I am, with class at 8am tomorrow.

Overall, a good first traveling experience. Definitely learned a lot, and I think I really appreciate the friends I have over here more.



1. gtpspdirector - June 19, 2012

Glad you are enjoying yourself. Looking forward to your next post!

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