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A Rainy Day in Barcelona July 1, 2012

Posted by gtwreck in Travel Log.

It is a rare occurrence, but today we are stuck inside our room because of rain. Since I am inside doing homework all day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to post about classes in Barcelona. I am taking 12 hours, which is the exact amount you have to take here. I am in CS 4001 (Ethics), CS 2050 (Discrete Math for CS), Technical Communication, and Architecture of Barcelona. Overall, classes are not too strenuous. Teachers all realize that we are in Europe and want to have fun, and they all seem to want to have a good time as well. Other than 2050, all of my classes are discussion based. Our teacher kicks us off and then we take over and talk about whatever topic the class mandates. The only class I even have a test in is 2050, and there are only three compared to the normal four. 

We live with our TA’s, which makes any time a great time to seek help in a class that you are struggling with. In fact, earlier today I got my TA to help me with mathematical induction for a problem that I couldn’t figure out. It seems as if the Barcelona Program, even more than Tech, emphasizes learning over grades. Of course everyone here is going for straight A’s, and the teachers are grading fairly, but the environment in the classroom is much less stressful and everyone is encouraged to ask for help whenever they need it.


Steven Wojcio



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