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Ibiza and Sevilla July 11, 2012

Posted by gtwreck in Travel Log.

We had our second week-long break this past week, and some friends and I chose to spend it in Ibiza and Sevilla. They were a couple of my favorite European cities so far. They both share the old city feel and each had gorgeous small roads and a couple of great landmarks.



Ibiza is famous for its clubs, but what we found during our short stay is that the beaches and the old city are also things that you must see. We stumbled across this beach on our last day there. It was on the western face of the island and was surrounded on all sides by gorgeous cliffs. Though it was a little crowded, it was a great place to spend a day.

The clubs in Ibiza are world famous for a reason. We went to the most popular one, Space. It was their opening party, so there were several thousand people there and a lot of big name bands and DJs. We sat on the beach outside of the club for a few hours before we went in and were able to get a promotion. We got entrance and a drink for 20 euros.



When I got back from Ibiza, another friend invited me to take a few days and go to Sevilla. I have Eurail days left, so I decided that I would tag along. It ended up being a great decision. We went on two walking tours of the city. We learned that it has a lot more to offer than we could have ever imagined.

Sevilla was once the largest non-coastal port city. All of the gold that was coming in from the Americas actually had to be claimed in Sevilla for a long time. The only reason it ever changed was because of the river flooding unexpectedly. During its “Golden Age”, though, Sevilla was built into a gorgeous city. We saw the small allies of the Jewish district and were able to learn a little bit of the coveted Flamenco dance from our tour guide.

Steven Wojcio



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