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Winding Down in Barcelona July 16, 2012

Posted by gtwreck in Travel Log.

We are about to start our last week of classes in Barcelona. This trip has been one of the best times of my life. I visited a total of 9 European cities and 6 countries. I saw the Swiss Alps, the River Seine, and the Mediterranean all for the first time. I learned basic Flamenco, rough spanish, and countless cultural differences between Europe and America. I met what seems like hundreds of new friends from around the world. I was in Spain for their third major cup victory in a row, making them the undisputed best soccer team to ever exist. All of that while I gained credit hours for Tech. 

My favorite part of Barcelona is the Magic Fountain. We went there towards the beginning of our trip and then again right in the middle, and both times were so amazing. San Juan was also really fun as we got to see the whole city come to life and stay active well into the sunrise. My favorite city outside of Barcelona is a toss up between Sevilla and Ibiza. I loved Sevilla for its small-town feel and rich history. I loved Ibiza’s beaches and night life. Amsterdam is also on that list, with its gorgeous canals and cozy atmosphere.

I will definitely be coming back to Europe every chance I get and I am so happy and thankful for the experience I have had this summer. I had to overcome challenges that I would never face in the States that will make me a better person when I get back. I learned even better time management as I balanced studying and travelling with simply living on my own. I got closer to Tech students that I probably would have never met if not for this trip. This has been a great success and has made me proud to be a Georgia Tech President’s Scholar!

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