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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood July 17, 2012

Posted by kroberts36 in Travel Log.

            Today is the most beautiful day at Worcester College.  In fact, it is probably the best weather we have had since arriving three and a half weeks ago.  After non-stop cold to remind us we are currently at the same latitude as Alaska and constant on and off rain for the past week or so, the sun finally returned giving us, and our shorts, a reason to finally be outside again.  The best part is that it is still a magnificent 65°, proving that you can indeed have pleasant summer weather without the treacherous Atlanta heat. 

            I am sitting outside on the lawn in the middle of campus (the lawn that we are allowed to sit on, mind you) watching the duck pond and some others enjoying the fresh air by reading, sun-bathing, and playing the guitar.   The surrounding 500-year old beautiful stone buildings lined with ivy and colorful flowers give the perfect setting for a peaceful British afternoon. It makes me wonder why I don’t sit out here to study everyday after class.  Well, because most days it’s raining.  At least all that rain helps keep the grass in its impeccable condition; the rain, and all the hard work of the numerous gardeners on campus.  The flawlessly manicured grass is the ideal bright green color, has no dirt or dead patches, miraculously avoids all weeds, and is even mowed to present visible circular stripes.  Of course, the main lawn in the center of the main quad no one is allowed to walk on, except the men who mow it twice a day.  I love watching the gardener’s take care of the grass – the time and effort they pour into it everyday to keep its spotless appearance.  Not only is it meticulously mowed, but also someone goes around the entire perimeter everyday on their knees with short clippers to trim the edges and create the ultimate straight line.  All of their effort isn’t for nothing, I truly do appreciate its beauty every time I walk past. 

             For that matter, all of the green spaces on campus are incredible.  On the walk to my dorm I walk through the Orchard, another serene grass lawn with pear trees and British pigeons.  I specify British pigeons because they are far superior to regular pigeons.  They are a solid soft grey color rather than the dark grey and white spotted, and their coloring looks like a well-groomed coat rather than the dirty look of ordinary pigeons.  They are larger and stouter, lower to the ground with longer bodies, and I spent the first week here wondering everyday what kind of bird they were – pigeon never even crossed my mind!  There are other pretty birds in the orchard too, but the pigeons are my favorite.  Lining the path through the orchard are miniature pear trees, that just began to show their fruit and reveal their identity.  I love the quite feel of the orchard and feel like everything is at peace when I walk through.  I forget all of the stresses of school and just soak up the fact that I am living in England and feel safe and happy.  Everyday when I walk through the orchard I smile to myself and appreciate how lovely it is and how lucky I feel for getting to live in a place this beautiful!




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