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The Ubiquitous German Cathedral July 20, 2012

Posted by t3sides in Travel Log.

As part of the program I’m on, I’ve visited a lot of German cathedrals. And I mean a whole lot of them. In almost every city we’ve been to, we visited the local 1000-year-old cathedral, and at a number of them, we’ve hiked up flights of spiraling stairs to the top of the church tower. There are some standouts, like the Aachener Dom (in Aachen, a city in the western part of the country) and the Kölner Dom (in Cologne), but each one we’ve visited has had its own special charm. Following are a few of my favorites.

Cologne – By far the biggest one we visited (or climbed, for that matter), the Kölner Dom was an impressive piece of architecture just out of sheer size, and while the interior wasn’t as breathtaking as some of the other cathedrals’, it was certainly very nice as well.



Aachen – Perhaps my favorite cathedral, the Aachener Dom is actually made up of three different styles, and construction first began during Charlemagne’s rule from the city of Aachen. The Byzantine interior is completely covered in murals made of the tiles seen here, creating an altogether astounding effect.


Charlemagne’s original throne in the cathedral at Aachen


Leipzig – While not the most intricately done or biggest church we saw, I was intrigued by the palm tree-like columns, a motif repeated in other parts of the city as well. It was definitely one of the more unique patterns I saw.


Prague – One of the few I actually had to pay to go into, this one was totally worth it – look at the level of craftsmanship that went into all of those sculptures and decorations. Fantastic.



Munich – Just somewhere in the middle of the city, on a street we went through during our city scavenger hunt. I don’t even remember the name, but it was absolutely beautiful.


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