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Interlaken July 24, 2012

Posted by tsteindorf in Travel Log.

Interlaken and the Alps

Posted on July 10, 2012

I know it just seems like I keep saying everything is beautiful and such, but I honestly could not believe the scenery we found in Switzerland. Check this out:

Just a quick shot of Switzerland on our way to Canyoning

We arrived in Interlaken Friday night for a change, as it was only 6 hours away. I had been very eagerly anticipating this trip all summer, so I took some initiative this weekend and planned out what we were doing, including canyoning Saturday morning and a visit to Schilthorn, one of the mountains in the Swiss Alps. We went to bed early Friday night because the canyoning started at 8am, and we didn’t want to be too tired.

Two cuties in canyoning gear

Canyoning was so much fun!! It started with a 50m rappel down a cliff face, which was not a real rappel because they essentially just lowered us down. I had a ball just bouncing down, but Kate lost her footing once and Akash somehow ended up upside-down? No one was hurt, but it was hilarious. Then we hiked through the canyon for roughly 2 hours with several jumps into ice-cold pools, a couple of slides down rocks, and even a brief zipline before dropping into another pool. We had wetsuits so no one got hypothermia, but it felt really good in the 87 degree weather.  Afterwards we had complimentary drinks and sandwiches, and basked in the sun while enjoying the awesome scenery before heading back.

Just a little tired from canyoning

After getting back from canyoning, we realized we had more time in the day to go to the top of Schilthorn! So we got on a bus, took a train to another station, then took a bus to a cable car, and four cable cars later, we were 10,000 ft up in the Swiss Alps. It was magnificent- you seriously have to see my facebook album.

On top of the world

On top of Schilthorn is a rotating restaurant, and they also shot scenes from the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” so we got to see a lot of that paraphernalia. On the way down it started to get windy and rainy, so it was a bit more scary in those cable cars, but we made it back alright, and I enjoyed some Hofbrau Weissbeer at the hostel before going to bed.

The next morning it was overcast and windy, and our train was scheduled to leave at 2, so we wandered around the town of Interlaken and got some souvenir’s before  going to Hooter’s. You read me right haha, Hooter’s. All of us have been longing for a bit of home, so when we realized that there was a Hooter’s in Interlaken, it was almost a unanimous decision to visit there. Unfortunately, the wing’s just weren’t quite what we were expecting, but it was good to have almost-American food before heading back.

Sorry for the late posting by the way! This past week has been packed with 2 tests, a field trip, and some homework, all accompanied by a very sick Tyler. I had to go to the Doctor and get some antibiotics, but that didn’t stop my traveling! Look for a post about Prague later this week. Thanks for all who are still reading these!



1. Carolyn Carson - July 24, 2012

Beautiful part of the world , indeed! I was there nearly 25 years ago on honeymoon. Beatiful photos. Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to meet you and hear more about your adventures.


2. William Bradley - May 10, 2015

Hi, I am seeking your permission to use your photograph (sam_2142.jpg) as a backdrop for my school’s production of The Sound of Music in November. If you give me permission I will download the photo, increase the resolution to 800 dpi and submit it as a .psd file to Rosco Laboratories to have it made into a full colour glass gobo. This I will then project on the back wall of our school theatre stage using an ETC Source 4 profile spotlight. I can’t pay you anything – our school isn’t rich but you would be making a lot of kids happy if you can let us do this.



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