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Berlin July 25, 2012

Posted by dnlhll in Travel Log.

My next favorite city we visited after treking through Rome and Florence was Berlin. Although we had gotten a taste of Germanic culture when we passed through Austria, we had a full dose upon arrival to Germany’s capitol city. For starters, the city is spred out and has many more modern aspects to it then the previous cities we visited. fortunately the sprawling city had a great metro system that could get us anywhere we wanted to go. Teeming with modern history, I found Berlin to be one of the most interesting cities throughout our trip. Although our course emphasis was more oriented on much older history, i find more recent history, having a more direct influence on the current global atmosphere, to be more interesting. Although the Berlin wall and some of the left over world war II museums were cool to see, the best thing about berlin was the cultural experience. Upon arrival to the city, we noticed an unusually large amount of people out and about in the public park. We quickly discovered that it was the night of Germanys first match in the euro soccer tournament. Come six o’clock that night, hundreds of thousands of Germans, and maybe a couple Americans here in there, crammed themselves into the streets to watch a public viewing of the game. Hyundai sponsored the projection of the game on multiple massive screens lining about a mile or two of street in downtown Berlin.




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