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Italia. casa di gelato July 27, 2012

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Following my short stint in Madrid to meet a good friend of mine, I hopped on to one of the finest airlines in the world, Ryan Air, and found myself in Rome. [At this point if you are not familiar with Ryan Air I suggest you look it up.] Once in Rome, I grabbed some Chinese food (If you haven’t had Chinese food in Italy, I don’t recommend it) and met up with my group. It was nighttime so we decided to grab gelato and head to the Coliseum. It is definitely a sight worth seeing at night as well as in the day. Fine Italian gelato only enhances your experience. The next day we decided to cover much of the major tourist attractions of Rome: Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps.

The following day, before setting off for Florence, we saw the Coliseum and the ruins in the morning. I can understand now why people rave about this Eternal City. From the earliest centuries to present-day, its rich history is very evident through the architecture, the food, the language, and the overall culture. I considered Rome a good city but one of the best cities (second only to Madrid) I have visited this summer has to be Firenze, or Florence as we know it. It was a fantastic mix of the past and present. Phenomenal, in fact. There weren’t too many major sites to see, but I think that’s what made Florence more special. My idea of a great experience is finding myself in a completely unknown city and roaming it to learn something that I never could have otherwise. Florence consisted of me doing just that. The Piazza Michelangelo, a spot offering a view of the entire city, was marvelous. The city of Florence, at the foot of the Apennines and outlined in red, boasted itself under the hazy weather that evening. Our time in Florence was rounded out with a fantastic Tuscan dinner followed by delicious gelato (Florence also had the best gelato in Europe…or the world for that matter) and live music. One of my favorite parts of a city is its market. Going to the market gives you feel for the city, I believe. Walking around, chatting [bargaining] with the vendors, and eating the market food gives me a sense of that culture.

The next morning was a bit rushed. On that day, we were to travel to, and hike, the five villages of Cinque Terre. But before that, we had to stop by the Leaning Tower, in Pisa. From Florence, Pisa was only an hour away. After taking the infamous picture with the Leaning Tower, we set off for Cinque Terre….

Cinque terre was simply breathtaking. from Riomaggiore to Monterosso, every village was unique. I had never been to such a place. It seemed as if everyone there were locals. Parts of the hiking trails literally meandered through the streets of town and in front of residents’ homes. I would liken Cinque Terre to an Italian paradise, and nothing less.

I had not thought that Italy would be one of my more memorable trips. I was completely mistaken. Italy, the people, the culture, the language, the food, and the gelato…Italy continually impressed me. I have become a fan. Below are links to my Italy albums. Feel free to enjoy them.




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