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“Let’s Talk About Random Stuff..” July 27, 2012

Posted by silviavaca in Travel Log.

Classes have picked up here in Metz and one of the ones I’m taking is Statistics. My Stats professor began one of our lectures last week with “let’s talk about random stuff,” which I found awesome because we then proceeded to have a lecture on randomness in probability.

Anyways…. last weekend we went on our first trip! and we didn’t die/get lost. Saturday, we went to downtown Metz and explored the city. The architecture is absolutely stunning! My favorite building was the Metz Cathedral, which has beautiful stained glass windows.

Metz Cathedral
Stained glass windows in the Metz’ Cathedral!

On Sunday, we took a train to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. As you may imagine, the tiny country had an appropriately sized city. We managed to cover the whole city on foot in ~6 hrs. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic city! The architecture is splendid and the people there are friendly. Fun fact: Luxembourg has 3 official languages: French, German, & Luxembourgish (an awesome German dialect with Flemish thrown in there). This means that people will greet you in a language and if you look confused, they switch languages until they get to one you speak.

One of my favorite parts about the city was that there was a giant gorge that basically split the city in half. If you took the stone stairways all the way down, there was a gorgeous park in which we had lunch (delicious Kebabs!). The city had an awesome balance of nature, old architecture (yay castles!), and modern shops. The city was perfect for a day trip and definitely worth seeing! This weekend, we’re headed to Brussels and Amsterdam, so I’ll update you on that when I get back.

The building in the back is the museum of the national bank



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