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Munchen! July 27, 2012

Posted by silviavaca in Travel Log.

To contrast the warm, beachy feel of Barcelona, we went to Munich for the following 2 day weekend. We took an overnight train in which we were supposed to have couchettes (mini beds to sleep on), but due to some miscommunication in reservations, we ended up having regular seats. We made it to Munich at 7am and were greeted by rain. Despite the rough start, Munich turned out to be a great city. We explored the city on foot at first by walking around aimlessly and found random things like a Michael Jackson memorial.

A little random, but awesome Michael Jackson Memorial

Later, we stumbled upon something a little more traditional: the glockenspiel. It goes off on the hour and little figurines inside move to show a story of a brave Bavarian knight.

The glockenspiel!

Our following adventures were a bit more organized; we visited the Olympic Park, BMW Museum, and Nymphenburg castle. The Olympic Park was the site of the 1972 summer Olympics. With the London 2012 Olympics coming up, it was awesome to see a previous Olympic site. As an ex-swimmer, I was particularly interested in the Olympic pool (this was the third one I visited!) so I talked the group into going inside and seeing it.

The Munich 1972 Olympic Park

The Olympic Pool

To help with the cost of the Olympic park, blocks of concrete were sold to famous people all over the world. Some of them were pretty awesome:

Carlos Santana!

Conveniently, the BMW museum is right across from the Olympic Park, so we headed there next. The museum had cars on cars on cars ranging from super old models (check out the picture) to brand new models that aren’t even out in the US yet. We were lucky to go at a time when they were having demonstrations for their new motorcycles, so we got to watch a guy do tricks all around the museum. All around including up stairs, down stairs, on ramps, through the gift store, and everywhere in between. It was tons of fun to watch!

A silvia-sized car!

Our next adventure was out to Nymphenburg castle – an old Bavarian castle. The castle was huge and surrounded by even larger gardens!

Nymphenburg castle

Unfortunately, most of the castle was blocked off for the public so we didn’t stay long.

After a packed weekend, we prepared for our overnight train back to Metz. This time we actually got couchettes so we were all pumped! Since our train arrived in Metz at 6:30am and our first class was at 8am, we were thrilled to get some sleep on the train.



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