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July 28, 2012

Posted by kecscott in Travel Log.

GTL Adventures

One of the optional activities for our GTL 2000 class was a scavenger hunt of important locations in Metz. Virginia, Ryan, Josh, and I formed the Tiny Bear Baby Army (a reference to our tradition of finding gummy bears in each city we visited). Here are the results of our scavenger hunt:

Clue 1. Via scarponensis, the oldest road in Metz from the Roman period.

Clue 2. Roman funerary monuments, or steles, from the 3rd century were discovered in May 1975 during the digging of the underground shopping mall, the Centre Saint Jacques, located in the heart of downtown Metz.

Clue 3. Originally a Roman sports hall in 380 CE, this is now the oldest surviving church in France, dating back to 610 CE.

Clue 4. A 12th-century chapel erected by the Knights Templar before going off to fight in the Holy Land during the Crusades.

Clue 5. Oldest civil monument in Metz. This 13th-century building was the…

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