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Croatia July 29, 2012

Posted by tsteindorf in Travel Log.

Broatia (aka Croatia)

Posted on July 29, 2012

Harbor in Rijeka

So it is the weekend before my two finals on Monday. Of course I am going to find as many ways to procrastinate as possible, including update my blog! But honestly, it needed to be done, because Croatia was freaking awesome.

The only downside was that Croatia was 18 hours of trains away. We left at 4 on Friday and arrived in Rijeka, a port in Croatia, around 9 the next day. After getting situated at our hostel and finding some delicious pizza, we headed to a nearby island: Krk. It was overcast and spitting rain most of the day, but we were able to chill on a beach and then find some cliffs to jump off of. The water was beautiful, warm, clear, blue, buoyant, perfect.


And here’s another one

beautiful water

After an awesome day of enjoying the island, we headed to bed fairly early. The next morning we caught a bus at 8:30 to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. For more info you can check out their wikipedia page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plitvice_Lakes_National_Park. The main thing to know is that its a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its covered in beautiful lakes and waterfals. The unfortunate thing was that it was raining, but it was still one of the most gorgeous places I have ever visited.

a waterfall at the Plitvice Lakes national park

And another

Plitvice Lakes

After a long day at Plitvice, we went home and revisited the pizza restaurant (it was so good!) and then passed out.

The next day, our train was scheduled to leave at noon, so we got up relatively early and went in search of a beach. We found one, but it was so windy that nobody wanted to go swimming, and we didn’t have much time anyway. We did get to have a lovely photoshoot though! It was very pretty.

beach in Rijeka

After that, we got back on the train and took another 18 hours to return to Metz. Great times right? Croatia was simply beautiful, so the best way to appreciate it is to look at the pictures (my kind of blog post haha). Enjoy!

Coming up next: Normandy, and then HOME!



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