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July 31, 2012

Posted by kecscott in Travel Log.

GTL Adventures

For the five-day middle-of-the-semester break, half of GTL decided to go to Italy, and my group was no exception. We left Wednesday right after class, intending to go to Munich and take a night train to Venice. Things started snowballing out of control immediately. We got on our train from Forbach to Saarbrücken moments before it was supposed to leave, and then it sat there…and sat…and sat. What was supposed to be a sixteen-minute train left twenty-five minutes late. We were certain that we would miss our ICE in Saarbrücken, but it was late too. Unfortunately, it was too late, because we arrived in Mannheim just as our train for Munich departed. We caught the very next train to Munich, but it did not arrive until the wee hours of the morning, long after our night train had left.

In Munich, we first stopped at Burger King for a quick…

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