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London Olympics!!! August 3, 2012

Posted by Frederick Grimm in Travel Log.
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These past few days have certainly been an experience!!!

As GTL has concluded, I decided it would be fun to take a trip after finals to London. My friend Chris Hoag and I traveled by bus to London on Tuesday night.  Included in the price of our ticket was a ride across the English Channel via ferry. Though we are about to depart, my adventures in London have certainly been memorable.

Like every other voyage, I came in with zero expectations and nothing on the itenerary.  We found a map and started circling popular areas we wanted to visit and created a walking path.  Our first place of interest was Hyde Park.  In Hyde Park, we got a glimpse of our first Olympic Venue.  Most of the park was blocked off for the triathlon completition, but the energy in the air was clearly visible.  We continued our walk to the Queen’s Palace, and then to Trafalgar Square.  Next, we made our way to the Westminster Cathedral and got to see Big Ben and the Parliament building. 

We deviated from plan and, after several recommendations, traveled to the US Olympic Team store near Hyde Park.  After numerous Olympic outift purchases, we were ready and excited to see our first Olympic game!  Thus began our long search for tickets.  For the remainder of the night, we futiley tried to find tickets.  We learned that publicly selling tickets is illegal and one can be charged up to £27,000 in doing so!!!  We also learned that many of the locals were having problems in obtaining tickets, so we abandoned our cause.

The next morning we decided to see more of London.  After a nice fish’n’chips meal in a pub, we headed down to the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Science.  These museums were incredible and were on par with the Smithsonian museums in Washington.  We then spent some time at Hyde Park with 30,000 other international visitors watching the Olympics on the big screens set up.  The crowds went crazy during the Phelps/Lochte 200 meter individual medley event!  To wrap up our evening, we headed to the Tower Bridge.  It was beautiful seeing it lit up at night with the Olympic rings proudly displayed underneath.

London has far exceeded my hopes, and I cannot wait to see what Croatia holds next!


Frederick Grimm



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