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August 6, 2012

Posted by dnlhll in Travel Log.

As my trip came to a close and I looked back on all the places I had been I decided to take sometime throughout my last week of classes to roam around Oxford. I had spent a lot of time around Oxford throughout the first five weeks but hadn’t managed to make it around to all of the big sights. I had felt that Oxford was my favorite city out of all of the cities I had visited, but after seeing everything that the small town has to offer. For starters, taking a walk through the seats is like a flash to the past; you can visualize all of the famous faces stolling through the same streets and looking around at the same gothic spires. The interior of all fo the buildings have been updated, but all of the architecture of the buildings and the original style and feel reamins the same as it did hundreds of years ago. Without a doubt Oxford is my favorite city. The University of Oxford does not have the same layout as the traditional American University. Although it is considered a single University the institute is comprised of multiple colleges that are scattered throughout the city; we studied specifically at Worcester College. I had no doubt by the end of the entire program that Oxford was my favorite place to be among all of the big european cities. I am not just sure about my favorite city, but I am also certain that the Oxford program all together was perfect for me. The program took me through all of the major cities in Europe and then gave me time to decompress at one of the worlds most respected universities. The travel portion of the trip is what makes the program so unique and it was during this crazy ride of three day stays in foreign cities that I made so many new close friends.



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