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El Retiro August 12, 2012

Posted by elanasmadrid in Travel Log.

August 13, 2012

It was our last day in Spain when I realized I’d yet to visit the acclaimed�Retiro.�Once, twice, a dozen times over the course of the month I’d been told that I�had�to visit the park; for sites of beauty in the city of Madrid, they said, it could not be surpassed. With Google directions in hand, we set off to sightsee–and oh, how worth the trip it was!�

Upon walking unto the entrance of the Retiro, the impression that hit me was of enormous, arching columns and colorful flowers all in bloom. Inside the park, however, lay the true jewel of the park, and this was the canal. This lake, blue and green by turns, was so wide you couldn’t shout across to the other side. Along its sides, crowds teemed to watch the rowboats that, for just a dozen euro, anyone could rent for an hour. It was gorgeous.�


And there was so much to do! We watched a woman create from start to finish a beautiful sunset jungle painting using nothing more than spray paint and sponges. A bit away from her, puppet shows drew a delighted audience. My favorite exhibition, however, were the vendors who blew bean-bag chair size bubbles for children to pop.


More than that though, were the people:�El Retiro�seemed to represent the social tradition of Spanish plazas to the nth degree. There were young families with laughing children, grandfathers milling the plaza with canes, students and couples lounged in the shade over picnics. We ended the visit by photographing ourselves in that little haven–two girls, on the Retiro.�Image


via El Retiro.



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