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Welcome to Singapore la~ August 14, 2012

Posted by yutong24 in Travel Log.

“It’s monsoon season in Singapore right now,” said a friend. Those were the last words that I remembered as I prepared for my flight from Beijing to Singapore. Because I was arriving in Singapore late May, I imagined the country to be super humid, super hot, and super wet from all the rain. Needless to say, I was both excited by the prospect of traveling to another new country but also afraid that the weather will reduce opportunities for me to sight see. So Singapore here I come!


Multicultural Singapore

After delaying for 2 hours in Beijing and another 2 hours in Hong Kong due to air traffic, I arrived in Singapore late evening. My impression after I got out of the airport was “wow this place is even cleaner than I thought.” The pedestrian walkways were cleaned so well that they look new every day and the roads had no litter whatsoever. What’s even better was that there was no rain!

The next morning all of us in the program gathered together for a campus tour. After the tour, we all thought that the National University of Singapore, our host university, is rather hilly. There were so many hills that the floors in each building were color-coded, indicating whether the floor has a dead end or connects to another building section.

After the orientation class, we were treated to local snacks. My favorite was the delicious curry pastry; the shell was crunchy and crispy and the filling had a strong curry aroma. Quickly, I began to realize that Singapore, being a melting pot of Asian cultures, combines local flavors with international cuisine.


Night time at Marina Bay: Water Show


TASTY Chili Crab!!

The next day after orientation, our program organized a trip for us to visit Sentosa Island, which is Singapore’s island resort. Beaching, surfing, and many other outdoor sports are available. Afterwards, I had my first meal outside of campus at Vivocity, the 7-floor mall that connects Singapore with Sentosa via train. I had arguably one of Singapore’s two most famous dishes, Chicken on rice, also known as Hainanese Chicken. The other dish is Chilli Crab. The chicken was very tender and delicate and the rice, which is what makes the dish famous, was cooked in chicken broth, making it very tasty and fragrant.

At night, we decided to visit Chinatown, which I must say was extremely clean. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the cleanest Chinatown on Earth! The place was also looked very traditional. The aloe vera bubble tea was sooo good.

The first weekend in Singapore was both fun and exciting and it did not rain, which allowed us to explore more. Next week, I’ll be starting my industrial attachment. Can’t wait to experience working in Singapore la!



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