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Peruvian Food August 18, 2012

Posted by Ariana Daftarian in Travel Log.

There a few thing Peruvians could not live without: coca, potatoes, rice, and guinea pig. Coca is a plant that is very nutritious and abundant in Peru. They use it for tea, chocolate, gum, candy, etc. It also has great medicinal value as the people use the plant to make tea for anyone with a sore throat or an upset stomach. In fact, it is the same plant used to make cocaine and used in Coca Cola products to this day.

coca chocolate

Potatoes in Peru are also abundant, and there are many, many kinds. It is a stable in their diet. Most meals begin with a course of soup (usually with potatoes, maybe noodles and some vegetables).

The main course usually has rice.

Guinea pig is the national dish. Peruvians absolutely love guinea pig, and yes I tried some. Honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about; it tastes just like chicken to me.

This was my first meal out in Cusco. Since the city is very touristy, hamburgers are common, but there’s a twist. Fruit is extremely abundant and cheap in Peru. So most burgers have avocado on them, which was great for me because I love avocados. Fruit smoothies are also very common and very fresh!

chicken empanada
strawberry mmm

Desert in Peru is all over the place. Tres leches cake is pretty popular along with pudding and fruit. For my Peruvian brother’s 25th birthday we had tres leches along with a cake his mother baked for him. Jonathan was pretty happy.

tres leches
birthday cake
chocolate pudding made from scratch mmm

There’s also this very popular drink in Cusco and in many other South American countries known as “Pisco Sour.” We actually made some after school one day. It consists of pure, freshly squeezed lime juice, Pisco – an alcoholic beverage specific to South America, and a sweet, molasses-like liquid.

my pisco sour

pisco sours at trivia!






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