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The World as a Seaboard January 22, 2013

Posted by Allie George in Travel Log.

Allie's Adventures Abroad

“We will see the world not as it is seen on a map, but as a seaboard by sailing men.”

Hanging out behind Weir House, which is set up on a hill overlooking the harbor

This was a quote that was mentioned to us today in our Herman Melville literature class. Upon first hearing it, I wrote it off as being another wordy saying from a dead guy, but on the second pass, this little truism definitely struck me. I was disappointed, upon looking it up, to find that the actual quotation, written by Ezra Pound in The Cantos, goes more like: “Periplum, not as land looks on a map/But as sea bord seen by men sailing” (Lines 82-84). The accidental adaptation which I recorded in class is much more poetic, so a big thanks to Dr. Hugh Crawford for the slip up.

Anyways, this reminder could not have come at a more appropriate time. I feel, at times, that I have grown calloused…

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