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Weekend #5: Queenstown February 10, 2013

Posted by Allie George in Travel Log.

Allie's Adventures Abroad

Despite being by far the best weekend trip we’ve had, Queenstown was also the most humbling experience of the trip. After being granted a designated “skip day” from our program director, Dr. Garton, everyone took advantage of the gift to travel to the extreme ends of the long, skinny country. My crew, which consisted of two friends, Nick and Maria, Russell, and myself, chose to visit Queenstown, the adventure sport capital of the world. Russell really loves those 6 am flights, so we got to the Wellington airport nice and early. We were so early, in fact, that we quite literally hopped off the taxi and walked to the gate. Security was not even awake at this point, and the airport was nearly empty. We got on the tiniest, shakiest little prop plane I’ve ever seen… I’m still not sure where they put our luggage. The little craft somehow made…

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