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Fiji! March 30, 2013

Posted by ccarsca6 in Travel Log.

             As soon as we got off the airplane, we felt the air so thick we felt like swimming through it. I LOVED IT! There’s nothing like having some warm and moist air to cheer me up.  As we got to the bus, we were greeted by a group of Fijians ready to help load our luggage into a van. Everything was so green! As our bus drove into the night and took us from Nadi (pronounced Nandi) to the Coral Coast, I noticed the road was really bumpy. It soon became clear that we were in a developing country even though we couldn’t see the surroundings. We stopped for McDonald’s and then finally made it to our resort…that’s right…resort.

We were staying for our first week in Fiji at the Hideaway Resort. Most people were vacationing there, but we were studying and playing in the off hours. Within the first few minutes the staff was already attempting to learn our names and get to know us. Porters took our bags to our ocean-side bures (cottages). When Dan and I walked into the room, we saw “Bula! Welcome Home!” laid out on the bed in cuttings of palm fronds. That was a very nice touch. Considering we were used to hostels at this point, we were all super happy.

The next week consisted of taking classes, a couple free days, playing in the pool, some diving, visiting the bar on occasion, making friends with the locals, watching rugby, laying in hammocks, watching a fire-walking ceremony and drinking kava. What a week!

Next up was Mana Island. We had to take a bus back to Nandi and then ride a ferry into the Mamanuca islands to Mana. I woke up not feeling so hot and by the time I was on Mana Island, I had a ~102 fever. I got some medicine at the clinic they had and was in bed for a solid 24 hours except for meals and class. The medicine did the trick and I slowly got better. In the three days we were there, I managed to still get some pretty killer pictures.

I had a blast hanging with Nikki on the ferry ride back to Nandi from the Mamanucas. Next up was finals and more importantly…EASTER! I woke up and walked a ways to mass with a few other students. The mass itself was in English but the music was in Fijian! I had a blast trying to sing. J We also got to see roughly 12 baptisms! That was refreshing. Lastly we took finals and wrote papers before heading back home to the amazing USA!

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