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First Day on the Job April 5, 2013

Posted by Allie George in Travel Log.

Allie's Adventures Abroad

When my alarm blared at 5:30 am this morning, I slapped it off before it could even sound twice. Waking up before dawn to an atmosphere heavy with excitement and apprehension gave the unerring impression that I was waking up for the first day of school. With a pang, I desperately missed the days when my dad’s heavy footsteps up the stairs would follow the sound of my unattended alarm, followed by his horrible singing and forcible methods to rouse me from my slumber. I missed the scene at my own house on this occasion every year: Dad’s musical morning endeavors of loud piano scales, Mom in the kitchen making lunches, one sister wandering around in a stupor, and the other appearing, for the first time that morning, partially dressed as we walked out the door. Instead of the cheerful commotion of home, I groggily got out of bed to…

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