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My First Weekend May 28, 2013

Posted by kristenshiflett in Travel Log.

Bonjour! This weekend, I traveled to Luxembourg and Belgium, visiting three cities in three days: Luxembourg, Brussels, and Brugge. On Friday, we ventured on our first train trip to Luxembourg—a short 50 minutes away. We quickly learned that the Luxembourg train station is a haven for GTL students, because the staff speak English and are willing to help us book our train tickets for the summer. Only hearing of Luxembourg for its train station, I was surprised by the city itself. We stayed there for a night, exploring the industrial and historical part of the town. Luxembourg has a neat self-walking tour of an old fortress and the most beautiful landscapes. On Saturday, we ventured to Brussels. Hearing of the dangers of pickpockets, we secured our backpacks to our fronts, and walked into what tripadvisor describes as “the most boring city.” However, Brussels was far from boring. Unknowingly, we happened upon a gay-pride parade, with nothing less than numerous rainbow flags and cross-dressers. We hit up the local places, unexpectedly ran into other students from Georgia Tech not at GTL, and took entirely way too many pictures in Grand-Place, the main square, which as it happened, was a stone’s throw from our hostel window. One peeing boy and two dessert waffles later, we hopped on the train, headed to Brugge. Brugge was a relaxing, small town, full of bustle and life. We ate at an American burger and fry place, visited the many chocolate-makers, and relaxed on a grassy hill beside the canal that runs through the town. We soon headed on our way home, but we missed the last train and had to spend one adventurous night in the Luxembourg train station (or outside of it, rather). Finally, we made it home safely, ready to begin another week at Georgia Tech Lorraine!

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