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Barcelona: un lugar magnifico! June 5, 2013

Posted by pranayachilukuri in Travel Log.
You know you had a good weekend when you get lost in Europe’s 4th highest rated travel destination, eat to your heart’s galore, visit world-renowned architecture, take a siesta on the beach, and do all of this with your closest friends. Hombres y mujeres, bienvenidos a Barcelona!
This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Barcelona for 4 days. On our first day of arrival, we roamed around for a few hours and explored La Rambla, an entire boulevard that is the tourist hotspot. One of the highlights of the exploration was visiting a local market and being amazed by the plethora of colors displayed by the fruits and vegetables. The trip to the market was such a true cultural immersion. At this point, I must claim that I was very shocked by the number of Indian and middle eastern immigrants who live in Barcelona. I guess owning tourist shops is a viable way of living. I was excited to be going to Spain because I would able to finally speak Spanish and understand what the locals were saying. However, it turns out that more Hindi might have been spoken to our benefit than Spanish.  Moving away from that side note, for dinner that night, I tried la paella and sangria, two famous Spanish specialities. The night ended by walking around Barcelona at night and admiring how the city is so vivacious at night.
The next day constituted of typical tourist activities. I took a 6-mile guided group tour of the gothic culture in Barcelona. During the tour, I explored the Barcelona Cathedral, the Institute of Art where Picasso and Gaudi studied at one point, various town squares that locals visit, and two of Gaudi’s houses, Casa Mila and Casa Battlo.  The tour concluded with our group indulging in delicious tapas, or multiple appetizer portions, for lunch. Then, we visited Park Guell, a beautiful park that overlooks the entire city of Barcelona. Words cannot express how this experience was so gorgeously breathtaking. After eating paella again for dinner, a different kind this time, it was time to call it a night.
Finally, Monday morning arrived. The plan for the last day of our Barcelona adventures was to visit La Sagrada Familia, Sacred Family, cathedral, designed by architect Antoine Gaudi. This cathedral, which has been under construction for more than 200 years, is one of the most unique sights I will ever see in my lifetime. The architecture is so intriguing! From there, to end our Barcelona adventures on the right foot, we proceeded to Barceloneta beach to soak up some of the sun. 
Overall, I couldn’t say the weekend wasn’t anything less than incredible.
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