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Brugge- The city of Chocolate! July 5, 2013

Posted by karayogi in Travel Log.

Last weekend we decided to do something calmer- going to Luxembourg for the day and then heading over to Brugge, Belgium for the night and the next day.

Our reason for going to Luxembourg was quite super- we saw Superman in the VO (original version) movie theater, Utopolis.  It was fantastic– a must-see, honestly.  It was kind of strange, though, seeing such a quintessential American film abroad– the theater was empty, too.  It’s interesting to note differences from even the movie cities and customs between those where I’m living now.

On a stranger note, I only have another month abroad… Scary.  It feels like I’ve only been here for a few weeks.  I mean, I only just figured out which lunch meat to buy and what kind of cereal to buy.  It takes a good while to get accustomed to new surroundings, and it’s a shame I’ve only just begun to really fit in over here.  Someone actually mistook me for a French student the other day, which I suppose is an accomplishment at not sticking out like a sore thumb.

Ahh, Brugge!  It was fantastic!  Very relaxing- the “Venice of the North” and the birthplace of Gotye, the town was full of history.  We spent most of our time there just exploring- checking out the windmills and chocolate shops and watching the horse-drawn carriages carry tourists around the city.  It was nice to sit back, and just soak up the Belgium.  The local Brugge dialect of German was really cool- it was kind of like the American Southern dialect compared to the Northern dialect- the Brugge German involved the dropping and shortening of phrases and syllables.  Everyone was super friendly, too!

And on a much nicer note, I finally have internet again!  Now I can post pictures!

But tonight, it’s off to Prague and Berlin– I’m getting ready for a very long night!

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