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Things I’ve Learned Living Abroad: Part III July 5, 2013

Posted by karayogi in Travel Log.

1. They have peanut butter in Amsterdam
2. They have PEANUT BUTTER in Amsterdam
3. It’s really hard to get to Amsterdam
4. Buses are fantastic
5. Moving into houses in European cities really does require moving furniture through the windows
6. Vincent Van Gogh used the grid technique
7. It’s cold at 3:30 AM in the Netherlands
8. Burger King is open ’till 4 AM, but they’ll serve you until 4:30
9. There are parks on boats
10. It’s impossible not to be inspired in Europe
11. Art museums never get old
12. Stained glass never gets old
13. Maps are essential for traveling
14. Take & Leave book libraries are a great idea
15. Rick Steve gets serious props
16. If you can dodge a tram, you can dodge a ball
17. Jaywalking is an art form
18. Converse are really, really popular in Europe
19. 150 bikes fall into the canals in Amsterdam every week
20. Bikers don’t stop for ‘nobody
21. People use boats like backyards
22. Trams can flatten pennies
23. It’s fun to be a tourist
24. The best breakfast is a pastry
25. Grocery store dinners are the best
26. The Gummy Bear song is popular in France
27. Leather jackets are the thing
28. Bumble bees aren’t very smart
29. Conditioner is not really a thing over here
30. It’s always nice to come home to familiar surroundings.
31. Chocolate is pretty much the same in every langauge

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