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Last blog post!! July 8, 2013

Posted by trishapintavorn in Travel Log.

I’m writing this from the airport–mi ultima hora en Costa Rica! Overlooking a gorgeous mountain nonetheless, beautiful. 

Things I have learned while traveling–
Reverse culture shock is real. And it’s hard. For me, harder than culture shock! I think it will be better this year, but last year it was quite crippling. I think the more integrated in a culture and less of a tourist you are, the realer the shock. I’m going to miss my friends and the time I had here, but I felt more like I was a tourist than I was living here, probably because of all the traveling I did! 
I’ve developed myself as a leader more. It’s always an ongoing process but I feel comfortable traveling alone, taking charge of situations. It can be stressful planning things because it’s on you if things go wrong, but it can be good to do because sometimes you do it better than others.
There’s no place like home! Traveling abroad is fantastic, and I don’t have any huge attachment to my hometown anymore. But home is where your heart is, or where your friends and family are, and I don’t know if living abroad would be worth not being with all my loved ones. Although it’s still something I’d want to do, at least for a few years! 
There is no country more beautiful than Costa Rica. Bold statement, and it may not be true, but I think it is, or at least top 5. Seriously. Volcanoes, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, awesome food, waterfalls, mountains, easy to understand Spanish, rain forests, kayaking, parasailing, surfing, sloths, and the nicest people you will meet. It has been a dream. 

Hasta luego Costa rica, el país mas hermosa, ya te extraño y espero que nos veamos  pronto 

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