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A visit to the most “Beautiful City in the World” July 11, 2013

Posted by vpalavi in Travel Log.

A very nice relaxing weekend started with a small little adventure when Nina forgot her passport and Eurail pass and Pranaya, my freshman roommate, was missing. We had not heard from Pranaya since the night before. We had left several messages, but we didn’t get anything in return. Pranaya had slept through her alarm. During this time while on the bus to the train station, Nina and I had realized that she had forgotten her passport and Eurail. We had gotten off at a random bus stop and were trying to find our way back.  This is where it got a little challenging because we didn’t know how to speak in French, and we had no idea how to get back. As a joke, I had stuck my thumb out to hitchhike but all the drivers had just given me weird looks. After a couple of laughs, we thought that the sign was offending the French and meant something else. We spent a totally of 55 minutes figuring out these two dilemmas and finally made it to the train station where we met Pranaya. Meeting her there, we all realized that all three of us were wearing white dresses. It was an utter coincidence.

We were finally on our way to our destination, Colmar, France, the most beautiful city in Europe. Once we got there, we found out way to “Little Venice.” This was a small river where the people had boat rides. It was literally mini Venice. The pictures will speak for themselves. There were several little restaurants that were on the side of the river. We ate in one of them where we ordered Colmar’s Tante Formage, a pizza that had yogurt in it. The flavoring was interesting because of the sour taste of yogurt with the cheese and sauce.

After lunch and ice cream, we walked around Colmar for the next 3 hours. We just kept walking and got lost in the most beautiful city in Europe. We went into churches and cathedrals, markets, and different parks. It was one of the most relaxing weekends I have had in Europe.

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