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Weekend 4: Nice, France July 11, 2013

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This past weekend I went to Nice with the Alpha Phis (Katie Pokrant, Jessica Helms, Gloria Lozano, and Andree Curran). We were excited for a relaxing weekend after our long 4 day trip to Valencia and Barcelona. We took an overnight train to Nice from Metz. It was a sleeper train which meant we had seats but they reclined pretty far back. We got kebabs for the train and made some new friends on our way! We met a few guys who were studying in Metz from Brazil. They had just finished 6 months of school in Metz and were traveling for a few weeks before going back home. Eventually it was time for bed, I actually slept pretty solidly for about 6-7 hours (which is a rarity on trains).
We arrived in Nice at around 9:30am and we were supposed to meet our apartment guy, Jack, at a metro stop at 10. The metro stop was only two stops away and we arrived with plenty of time. We waited for a while until we tried to find a pay phone to call him. He called Gloria’s phone as he was walking up to the metro stop. Jack then led us through the old city, where we were staying, and brought us to the apartment. He told us on the way that there was some booking error and we would be in a different apartment than he had planned and there would be someone staying with us. He described the guy by just saying he was an artist and liked to go to the local bar a lot. Assuming this guy was in his twenties I asked Jack how old this man was and was told that he was 55. The girls and I exchanged some looks and then continued to listen to Jack. We decided to get some brunch and the come back to shower and get ready for the day. Jack walked with us out of the apartment to show us around some more. He pointed out a small restaurant that he said had great French food. We also showed us a small cafe where we decided to get brunch. I had a brioche with cream and a cappuccino. I have decided cappuccinos are definitely my favorite coffee drink.
After brunch we went back to the apartment and got ready for the day. This was necessary after a long overnight train. Jack had mentioned that the lunch restaurant closed around 2:30pm. We arrived around 1:30pm and all decided that we would have the “Menu of the Day”. This included a glass of kir, a white wine and blackberry liquor drink, an quiche appetizer, a main dish, and dessert. We soon realized that the restaurant normally closes around 2:30 because they close when they run out of food. We had to change our ordered a little according to what good they had left. I think no matter what we had it would have been amazing. It was definitely one of my favorite meals of the summer (not quite beat out by the Valencian paella).


After a very filling lunch we decided to walk around and head to the beach. On the way we ran into the palace that Jack had mentioned. It was free entry so we decided to go in and explore. As we walked around the palace we started to imitate the paintings and sculptures. This was hilarious and we got some great pictures inside. Although we didn’t have the most educational time we had a lot of fun.


Nice museum



Next we headed to the beach. Now Jessica had mentioned  that Nice had “pebble beaches” but it was more like a rock beach. We went to put our feet in and the water was freezing! It was also difficult to climb out of the water because the rocks were pretty rough on our feet.  When we left the beach the girls decided it was nap time (no one got really good sleep on the train). I slept pretty well so I chose to skip a nap and walk around the city some more. As I started walking I heard church bells ringing, coming from the church down the road. I checked the mass time and mass was starting in 15 minutes. I ran back to the apartment to tell the girls I was going to mass and would be back in an hour. Mass in French was exciting. I could follow along because of the rhythm and order of Catholic mass. I love that about the Catholic Church, no matter what language or country I go to church in it is all the same and I am receiving God in full every time.

I went back to the apartment after mass and woke the girls up from their naps. Feeling like a mom I got the troops together and, following another of Jack’s suggestions headed out for dinner.  He had suggested that we get pizza and wine to take onto the beach and watch the sunset. We got three pizzas and few bottles of wine and a blanket for the beach.  We had a blast. It was wonderful to be so relaxed without anything pressing we needed to get to or worry about. We ate our pizza, played with an adorable pug puppy, watched the sunset, and saw the city light up.



After dinner we went to the local “famous bar”. The band was taking a break and it was pretty crowded. Instead we decided to walk around. As we were walking we ran into a UGA student who was staying in Nice. It’s funny how small the world is sometimes.
The next morning I was awoken by Jack’s colleague bursting into the apartment and being annoyed and frustrated that we were not awake and out of the apartment. Jack had said the day before that we could use the apartment during the day and leave our things there because our train was later that evening. We assumed we didn’t have a “check out” time if we could use the apartment that day. The woman said she would come back later to clean and that we needed to get up quickly and leave the cleaning fee for her. We got ready and locked our things in one of the two rooms we were using.
We went back to the cafe we had brunch at the day before and got lunch. We had planned to climb up an overlook and ride bikes that day. First we walked down to the beach and then started the climb. We took lots of photos along the way. We decided to go up higher and see a the waterfall. It was an awesome waterfall with a great view of Nice.


As the weather started to turn ugly we realized we would not be able to bike that day. Instead we went to Finochio’s. They have so many flavors it was hard to decide! I finally chose raspberry and avocado. I had never tried avocado ice cream before and it was great, especially with the sweetness from the raspberry ice cream. It started to rain so we walked back to the apartment. When we arrived with found the woman from that morning and Jack. They were both upset with us. Jack kept saying that we should have been awake and ready earlier although he had never specified a time.  We realized we were really not welcome in the apartment anymore and the rain had let up so we decided to leave. After an awkward goodbye we left for downtown Nice. We walked around for a while souvenir shopping and then decided to go to McDonald’s for dinner and wifi. After an hour or so it was time to go to the train station. We got on our train and prepared ourselves for an long overnight train back to Metz. I didn’t sleep too well on the train ride back and my bed felt wonderful during my nap when we got back.
This weekend was a very relaxing trip. Exactly what we needed after a long trip to Spain.

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