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Switzerland and a Broken Foot July 16, 2013

Posted by karamstrasser in Travel Log.

Turns out all the running and number of insanity workouts I had been doing over the past few months have been a bit fatal. A couple of days before our five day weekend, I was feeling some serious pain in my foot. I’ve struggled with foot problems for the past few years, so I didn’t think too terribly much of it. But, after some insane amounts of walking, I managed to turn a stress fracture into a broken foot. How convenient.

I spent the majority of time back from Eastern Europe going from doctor to doctor and what had felt like every pharmacy in all of Metz. The most frustrating part? I couldn’t find a walking boot ANYWHERE. In order to get one, we had to have one ordered…which would take approximately a week. Fortunately for prevalence of Americans breaking their feet and the great speed of international shipping…my mom came in for the rescue! She shipped me a boot to be there for me when I returned from the weekend.

Mom's gotta protect her cub

Switzerland was a weekend trip that I was REALLY looking forward to. I love to hike and be outside when I’m at home. It was really a bummer having to sit around for a day and half while everyone else went out and had a great time. Fortunately, I had a good book and it was nice to see everyone returning from their adventures sporting huge grins and crazy stories.

It was a bit rainy and overcast all weekend, but after the sun came out Sunday morning, the views were absolutely breathtaking. The water in the lakes in Interlaken all comes from glacial melt and is incredibly blue. The mountains completely surround you and everything…EVERYTHING is green. Although things are a bit expensive in this country, I know that I cannot wait to come back and have another shot at all the adventure!

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