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From Madrid to Barcelona to Granada July 17, 2013

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After returning home safely from the Running of the Bulls, it was time to enjoy our last week in Madrid and finish our first class of the program. In addition to studying for our final exam about the history of Spain and the European Union, our last week consisted of visiting el Museo Reina Sofia, an art museum with special exhibits from Picasso and Dali, taking a walking tour through the part of Madrid from the era of the Austrias, and completing a flamenco dance lesson to prepare for the second half of our trip in Granada, the home of flamenco dancing. 

After completing our final exam and wondering how our program was already halfway complete, we boarded a train and headed to Barcelona, which would soon become my favorite city in Spain. After visiting la Sagrada Familia, one of the most beautiful sites and views I have ever witnessed and experiencing the nightlife that Barcelona has to offer, I wished I could spend more than just one weekend in the capital of Catalonia. 

However, I had to return home because early Monday morning, we were off to our next destination, the home of La Alhambra, the city of Granada. I was especially looking forward to this part of the trip because we were assigned to stay with host families, which means I would be directly immersed into the Spanish culture and language. As we waited anxiously on the side of the street, a car rolled up, and my host mother, Matilde, came and gave me the typical Spanish greeting of two kisses on the check and we were off to my home for the next two and a half weeks. Shortly thereafter, I learned I would be staying in a nice three story house right next to the main hospital in Granada. I also quickly learned that my host mother was a phenomenal cook. Oh, and did I mention she also owned a dog? I think I can get used to this place. As I sit here in Granada, I can’t wait to explore the city throughout my time here and see the beauty the city is well renowned for. 



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