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España! July 28, 2013

Posted by karamstrasser in Travel Log.

Well, sorry y’all for the lack of posts lately. School has been CRAZY (it’s finals time around here) and I haven’t had a chance to post about some of my recent travels! But, here’s a little insight into my trip to Spain 🙂

1. Airbnb hooked us up with an AWESOME apartment about 2 kilometers from the beach and about 500 meters from La Rambla in Barcelona. La Rambla is a huge street full of vendors, shops, and restaurants and runs all the way to the beach. Couldn’t have found a better spot! Cambre, Alison, and I were more than pleased.

2. Mojitos….my absolute favorite. And they’re everywhere here! Can’t complain 🙂 I’m going to miss being able to get these legally in Europe!

Mojitos and Caipirinhas and Chupitos – oh my!

3. PAMPLONA! My mom likes to tell me that this was 36 hours of me being homeless. And, well, she was just about right. I left our flat in Barcelona at 10:00 AM on Saturday with the dress I was wearing and a small purse containing a phone, camera, debit card, and some cash. I took some trains (made some friends on the way) and landed myself in Pamplona to meet up with the rest of the crew for running of the bulls!!! The city was PACKED with people (3 million…and it usually holds 300,000) and everyone was dressed in white and red head-to-toe. That evening, I took a bus to San Sebastian with some AIESEC friends to get away from the mahem and see the beach a bit 🙂 In the morning, I returned to Pamplona, saw some bull runs, ran into more friends, saw some parades, then relaxed in the park before taking my train ride back to Barcelona.

Yvonne, Malvi, myself, and Rick before the Cathedral in San Fermin

Reasons why I was homeless:

  1. One set of clothes
  2. Ran out of money on the train ride home…couldn’t even buy some water 😦
  3. Took a nap in a bar
  4. Slept on a bus
  5. Slept in a park
  6. Desperately needed a shower
  7. Phone stopped functioning
  8. Picked up friends along every stage of the trip.

Here’s a video that my little, Missy, made to sum up the weekend…

4. Sagrada Familia and Park Guell 🙂 I love love LOVE Gaudi and the influence in the city of Barcelona

Cambre and I inside La Sagrada Familia

Katie, Cambre, myself, and Alison overlooking Barcelona at Park Guell


Absolutely gorgeous and lively beach 🙂

6. Tapas and good friends 🙂

Cerveceria Catalana….yummmm 🙂

I don’t need to EVER leave this country!!!

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