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Three Typical Days in Ethiopia August 5, 2013

Posted by Marnie Williams in Travel Log.

On the ride home from Ambo tonight, I was thinking about how the last couple days have felt pretty uneventful (other than the 2 MAJOR things that happened to me today… I’ll get to that later).  But then I started going through my days and realized what uneventful” meant.

MONDAY: Make a decision to go on a 1 km hike to a waterfall and leave 10 minutes later.  Carry Isabelle up a mountain, and then have Brooklyn fall asleep on my back on the way down.  See baboons and “lemurs” (they look like lemurs but apparently lemurs are only in Madagascar… the country, not the movie) in their natural habitat.  Have GREAT conversations with Katie as she champions her way down the mountain (she broke her pelvis in March, and it was her idea to go hiking.  She’s a CHAMPION).  Eat a “biscuit” for lunch that is so big that it makes me never want to eat bread again. Hike for about 3 km and then turn around, deciding that the “1 km hike” to the waterfall was a lie.   Get back to the car and talk to people who tell us the waterfall is actually 5 km away (But really, it was AMAZING to be in the woods and walk around for a while. The kids might have a 2nd opinion).

TUESDAY: Teach English at Burayu and then hang out until 2:30 with the kids. Learn Ethiopian card games (and have kids steal cards out of my lap when I’m not looking… looks like Americans aren’t the only ones who know how to cheat), master counting to 10 in Amheric and Afonoromo (and then wake up Weds. morning and forget everything), and play hand games with the girls.  Gratefully accept the bread and tea we are offered because it’s the best tea ever, and we’re craving bread (remember how on Monday we decided we were never eating bread again? Never say never).  Get to lunch at 3:05 and have the restaurant re-open (lunch hour ends at 3:00) so that the 4 starving forengies can eat.

WEDS: MAJOR LIFE EVENT #1 – RUN OUT OF GUMMY VITAMINS.  Go to Ambo (HALLELULIAH.  It felt so good to be back).  Get my first “run and jump into my arms yelling ‘Marrrrrrnie’” hug.  Get to have a REAL conversation with Brandie over Google chat. Teach women how to use a ruler and how to cut straight.  Help varnish 8 necklaces that one of the guardians made BY HERSELF last week (I was a proud momma).  Play soccer with a bunch of hooligans that I LOVE (Kumsa, Amasisa, Teressa, Hundaol and Yadissa) – they’ve become my “Ambo Crew” ( their Sunday School teacher was the one who called them hooligans.  I just adopted the name because it fit VERY well).   Attempt to teach English and collect “All About Me” forms from the SVO kids… “Utter chaos” is an understatement.  Eat shiro at the Ambo hotel and be relieved because it’s what I’ve been craving for 2 weeks.  Get to talk to Kes Cimidii for the 2 hour ride back to Burayu.  MAJOR LIFE EVENT #2 – HAVE MY FIRST HOT SHOWER IN 3 WEEKS.

After I really thought about it, I realized “uneventful” might not be the best description of the last 3 days.  They’ve been 3 days filled with love, surprises, challenges, frustrations, prayer, friendships, amazing conversations, pure joy, and tears that threaten to come out at the thought of leaving.  They’ve just been 3 typical days in Ethiopia.

p.s. sorry if I got your hopes up about major life events.  Eating the last gummy vitamin was a really big deal though.

Below are some pictures, because I actually have enough internet to upload them!


Makasan, one of the guardian groups, finishing their necklaces!


Gudina, another guardian group, with their finished necklaces!


My Ambo hooligans :] Sima, Amansisa, Teressa, and Kumsa (from left to right)


Neguse and I! Neguse was the waiter at the Ambo hotel we ate at 2 times a week. We were friends… obviously I was more into it than he was.


Raw Kitfo! (Raw meat). It’s a lot of Ethiopian’s favorite foods, so I HAD to try it. 2 weeks later and I’m still alive :]


I was peer pressured into drinking my first machiatto ever… and I really liked it.


The Youth Retreat! We had a “retreat” with the 12 Youth leaders at Burayu church where we “vision casted” for their ministry this year! Brittany and I are wearing traditional Ethiopian garb – it was a thank you present from Misganaw and the SVO staff!


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