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“She was a Day Tripper!” August 22, 2013

Posted by lauramargaretb in Travel Log.

Our last, week in Oxford was spent in England, taking day trips to see the sites around us!

For Friday, we took a train, and then a bus to Stonehenge and Old Sarum.  We had bought picnic food before leaving Oxford, and spread out on the ground in front of Stonehenge to eat.  It seemed so casual, sitting on the lawn, eating our 3-GBP sandwiches from the Tesco Market, and yet, here we were sitting in front of one of the oldest, most mysterious monuments still standing.  Seeing Old Sarum too, was an amazing throwback to the first settlement in Salisbury, as old as 3000 BCE.


For Saturday, I took a day trip to London to explore the John Wesley Museum, the British Museum, and Picadilly Circus.  I even a spur of the moment decision to see Jersey Boys at the Prince Edward Theater. On Wednesday, I made another quick day trip to London to see Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theater.  This was especially neat having just been in Paris two weeks ago!


One last trip to London (before to the airport home, that is), I specifically wanted to see the exhibit at the British Museum called Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum, as this was the topic of my 9th grade Latin course.  I got a time ticket for late afternoon, and toured the exhibit on Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation at Buckingham Palace in the meantime.


Lots of hectic travel, but some great day trips coming out of this week!

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