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Weekend 8: Prague & Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic September 29, 2013

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I left for Prague with the Alpha Phis. We left Metz, after some delicious sushi, at 10:14. We has couchettes (actual beds) for 6 hours before a 5 hour bus ride to Prague. I slept very well in the couchette and slept for a while on our bus ride, alternating with reading. It was the first weekend I had brought a book with me! We arrived in Prague with little to no difficulties around 12:30pm. We took out money from the ATM, which seemed like a lot since the exchange rate of Czech koruna is 26 to 1 euro. It’s funny how, now that I have been in Europe for so long, I convert back into Euros instead of US dollars. Anyway, after we got out money we had really large bills so we got some lunch and coffee to break them. Next we had the correct coins so we could buy metro tickets. We took the metro a few stops and then walked a ways to our hostel building. On the way to our hostel we passed by two girls. I overheard one of them say, “Oh, they’re Alpha Phi”. I turned around and asked her if she was also an Alpha Phi. She said yes and we talked to them for a  while. I told them that we were going to a bar crawl that night and we would maybe see them later.

We checked in and payed for our hostel. The Alpha Xi’s (Madi, Charlotte, and Colleen) were going to arrive later that evening since they took trains Saturday morning. We did meet up with another friend, AJ, who hung out with us for the afternoon. After we showered and were ready for the afternoon we left the hostel to explore the Prague palace. We walked through the castle gardens and then climbed the church tower. We had a great view of Prague.
We were staying on the opposite side of the river as the “old square” and it was cool to be able to look out onto both halves of the city.

IMG_2921 IMG_2922

We walked down the side of the castle and started looking for a place to have dinner. Along the way Katie P and I split a fried potato that was cut in a spiral, it was a yummy snack! We kept walking and stumbled upon a small “Czech” looking restaurant and sat down. Andree and I split what would be the equivalent of a “meat lovers” meal. We had a quarter of a duck, pork, and rabbit. It came with an amazing homemade gravy, potato dumplings, and steamed red & white cabbage. The meal was so delicious!

After our very filling dinner we walked back to the hostel and meet up with the Alpha Xi’s. I has emailed someone from the Prague Clock Tower pub crawl who was supposed to meet us at 8pm. That didn’t give us much time to get ready. After we almost had everyone ready to go I ran down to find our pub crawl person. I didn’t see him and soon we were all downstairs waiting. We decided to just go to the clock tower since we knew how to get there. On the way out Colleen saw an advertisement for another famous pub crawl called The Prague International Pub Crawl. Colleen said other people had recommended  this pub crawl and more importantly it was going to end up at the 5 story club. Once our hostel clerk mentioned that we would get free tshirts and a discount we were sold. We got our wristband and started for the old square. When we arrived in the square someone came up to us who recognized our wristbands. He led us to a bar and we waited outside for the previous group to leave before we went in. We saw a few GTL kids on the way out and then we ran into the Alpha Phi’s that we had seen earlier that day! We all insisted on taking pictures together. After the pictures we said our goodbyes and started on the bar crawl. It was quite the experience. We visited 3 bars before ending up at the famous Prague 5 story club. I had a blast partying into the night.

prague bar crawl copy Alpha Phi's prague copy

The next morning it took a while to get everyone up and moving. We decided that part of the group would try and pick up our pub crawl tshirts and the other part of the group went to make reservations at the Mexican restaurant.  The group of us that went to get the tshirts dilly dallied a bit on the famous bridge and bought some awesome souvenirs.  We unfortunately failed on our mission to find the tshirts but we figured we would find them later that night. We returned to the hostel and got everyone together for going to the bone church. The bone church was a two hour round trip and we realized after arriving at the metro station we wouldn’t be back in time for dinner.  Instead of going to the bone church we walked along the bridge again and Colleen and I decided to get a fish pedicure! It was one of the craziest things I have done this summer.  It was such a weird feeling to have fish nibbling on your feet for 15 minutes!


After our feet were feeling “refreshed” we met up with the rest of the group and decided to see a few more touristy spots before our long awaited Mexican dinner.  We visited the John Lennon wall and we all added a little something!

APhi Jonh Lennon's Wall copy

We then tried to visit the Jewish cemetery, but it was closed for the day.  Next we walked back through the square to pick up our pub crawl tshirts and then walked to the Prague Mexican restaurant, Cantina.  We had great guacamole and enchiladas!  After a very filling dinner we went back to the hostel.  I went to bed early because I had to be up at 5:30am for a 7:15am train.  The rest of the group was going back to Metz on Monday and spending our extra day off in Metz.  I decided to spend that extra day traveling and seeing a new city!

Another GTL student, Karsten, and I planned to visit Cesky Krumlov a city in the Czech Republic about 3 hours south of Prague.  We took at 7:15am train to Cesky and arrived around 11am.  We walked about a kilometer into the main part of the city to our hostel.  After checking into our hostel we got some brunch and then went to explore the Cesky Krumlov Castle!  Once we got inside the castle gates we saw something I was not expecting at all, a bear! A big brown bear! We took lots of pictures and then walked around the castle gardens.  After that we climbed up the castle tower to see a view of the whole city.  We had a great view from the top!


After a walk down the river we took a much needed 2 hour nap.  Next we walked around the main square and found souvenirs.  On the way to dinner we saw a South African children’s choir group performing in the square.  I love coming across things that are unexpected in the places I visit.  Once the children were done signing we continued to dinner.  We ate at a restaurant called “Papa’s Living Restaurant”.  Karsten and I split two plates of ribs.  They were definitely some of the bet ribs I have ever had, and it was a nice little taste of America.


After dinner we walked around the city a while longer we headed back to our hostel.  We had to be up and ready for 14 hours of trains back to Metz the next day.  It was a long ride back but it gave me time to work on my blog and do some homework.  We got back to Metz at 11pm and I was in bed by midnight.  The 4 day weekend wore me out.  I really enjoyed my time in the Czech Republic and am excited to compare it to our next Eastern European city, Budapest, Hungary!

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