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Interlaken June 29, 2011

Posted by briannaholcomb2 in Travel Log.
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Most beautiful place Ever? I think so. My preconceived notions of Switzerland were way  off. I guess I thought Switzerland was going to be a place like Rome or Barcelona just with the “Swiss Alps” in the background. I was most definitely wrong. After missing our connection and spending and unpredicted hour and a half in Italy, we arrived in Interlaken Switzerland.

I was literally in shock. It was so beautiful.  It didn’t seem like a tourist town at all. We walked to our hostel from the train station and all we passed were small little cottages.

The Hostel we stayed at was great!  They really had every thing you could think of and we got really lucky  that the people we met in our room were really cool and trustworthy.

The best thing I did when I was there was Paragliding. I road up a mountain, stepped into a harness attached to a parachute and ran off a cliff! It was absolutely crazy and I was soo nervous the whole time.

Also while we were in swizterland, Europe’s largest trucker fair was there. We walked to it and spent most of the night there. I have never seen so many huge trucks in my life.  Most of which were converted into Party wagons.

I was so upset when we had to leave. I honestly might try to go back for round 2 this summer!  Interlaken=amazing!!


Barcaaaa June 20, 2011

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After a nine hour train ride with one connection, we arrived in Barcelona! I was definitely the most excited for this trip! I was so ready to practice my broken/forgotten Spanish. We arrived and bought metro tickets and went one metro stop north. After walking around for about an hour and getting directions from anyone we could talk to, we realized we need to get a cab and go pretty far away from where we were.

The apartment we stayed in was so nice and was the perfect location. We could walk out the door and we were in the middle of the shopping district, and just a short walk from the beach. We also could see the Barcelona Cathedral  from our small balcony.

On Friday  we spent our whole day enjoying the beach. Of course I rented on umbrella( only 5 Euros) because  I would have fried if I didn’t!  We ate dinner in the old part of Barcelona, which was beautiful! On Saturday we did all of the typical

tourist things. We visited the Arch and all of Antonio Guadi’s Architecture. Which I loved because I took the history of Architecture and absolutely loved that class!

Overall the trip was a wonderful experience. I got to use my Spanish, visit with friends from tech and spend a wonderful weekend in Barcelona.

Paris Nightlife June 13, 2011

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We have had a fun time exploring the Paris nightlife although it took us quite a while to figure it out. What they say is true, the Americans will ALWAYS bring the party. Our first night out we went to an Australian dance club(café Oz). People spoke English there and the atmosphere was fun, but after we were there for 5 minutes one of our group members requested “Blow” by Ke$ha, and the party was on. By the end of the song, we had a big group of people dancing up on the stage and everyone was having a blast! Im pretty sure we turn the Club into an American one because even the French were catching on to our ways and loving them! Last night we joined a pub crawl near us which turned out to be a good time. We went to a lot of hole in the wall places that we never would have found ourselves and because most of the people on the crawl were British or spoke English, we got to talk to a lot of different people. We met a fun group of French people and exchanged dance moves for about two hours. Im pretty sure this entertained the whole place We did get to spend some time being tourists this week. So far we have visited Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees, and the Eiffel Tower. I would like to note that there are 284 stairs to the top of the Arc, all in a tight spiral, and we climbed every single one. Everything we’ve seen so far has been breathtaking, but one of my favorite parts is walking down small side streets and going into random shops. Every place is unique, colorful, and so easy to get distracted in for too long…

My first Week in Paris! May 21, 2011

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After only one weeks in Paris, I still can’t quite accept that I’m here. This is absolutely amazing. Paris is my favorite city and I cannot truly accept that I am going  to be living here for the whole summer. I’ve eaten a crepe (or maybe a few(everyday)), seen the tower, and walked the streets, yet somehow when I wake up in the morning I still feel like I’m in America. I would guess that it’s because I’m in an American dorm, but everyone who works here speaks only French, and it was built in 1890 (and from the looks, not renovated since…).

The first day was spent fighting the internet, falling down stairs, eating Italian food, breaking my sunglasses, then relaxing at the boys apartment. The second was spent napping, grocery shopping, and visiting the much awaited Eiffel Tower. Although it was freezing outside, the lights show at dusk (which is around 10pm, by the way) had us all squealing like little girls.

My love for the Tower is basically ridiculous. As a group of building construction students, we all went out one night and I  convinced everyone that the Eiffel Tower was really close and we should go for a late night stroll and find it. Well the late night stroll turned into a workout. We made it to the Eiffel tower after walking 4 miles….. I was barefoot(gross).

But being barefoot was not as gross as the Sewers that we visited the next day for a site visit! Our professor took us down into the Sewers of Paris  to understand the water system of Paris. We learned about the system as a whole and actually watched the dirty water pass right beside us. Oh and I saw 2 rats!