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NARNIA July 25, 2011

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we entered Oxford, Oxfordshire (is that its real name? really?)

and it was like entering our own secret world

group 2, being the best, of course

got our own place of sorts

in the “west campus” of Oxford

tucked away from the main parts of campus in the cozy wooded areas,

we have our own entrance and exit from campus

our own laundry corridor and 2-3 kitchens on every hall

its like our secret garden

our narnia.

its fantastical.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, as if there could be any more,

we have all of our own private rooms and bathrooms

its suberb

no airconditioning is needed here as the latitudinal coordinates align with that of northern Canada in America

so its a bit nippy in the later parts of the day

but its beautiful

Worcester is our college

We have a porters lodge, a buttery and a dining hall

which is Harry Potter Style

in which every person has to arrive to each by 530 or 630 or else you will not be served

delicious family styled meals are set up

complete with bread, salad, on trays and desserts for every dinner meal

its unreal

my classes…what classes?


the engineering class that I have to take

as a student of tech

but really, its kinda cool

like doing math papers to write a paper in a different language

is that possible?


and my leadership class is the bomb

our teacher is chill and retired and has funny lectures on

how to lead and how to be


My 2011 fourth of july and Harry Potter 7P2 experiences have been here

I cant wait for more, everyday every week and I will hold them dear

as memories

the best Ive ever had. Magic


CREPES in PARIS July 25, 2011

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was an amazing site to see

to romantic and fantastic

i didnt want to leave

…so perhaps i may go again before this summer ends

the light, the energy the french wine and flare

to a 3 miles run to the Eiffel Tower

the fashion and taste was amplified by the sophisticated art and grace

but really

the LOUVRE was insane

one of the most intimidating, fascinating and purely amazing things I have ever seen

we are students of art

and had to look for 11 specific pieces in this whirlwind of creation

it was astounding


and tiring

we were practically fighting for our lives in the big display rooms

art requires determination, stability, aggressiveness and tranquility

oxymoronic I know

seeing the Mona Lisa? I barely remember it was so small in the context of it all..

but it was tight

seeing MONETS water lillys was what was truly tranquil

and surreal

and unreal

and FOR REAL the coolest place I have ever been

take a  gander

romantically enough, after being sushi stuffed

the boyfriend and I, cheap college students survived

the long

and painful

trek up the Eiffel tower on our 15 month anniversary

It was beautiful. and lit. scary just a bit. but amazing


Oxford Journey to DACHAU July 25, 2011

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what kind of sick world do we live in



can you stand so proud

stable in the ground

safe and sound

when your history chokes the life out of man

see it if you can

is all art beautiful?

emaciation and entanglements

dominating over emancipation and settlement;

life and love?

what the heck is propaganda

and how does it have the power to take over the world

its absurd

the power of encapsulating art

it catalyzed, began and made

this thing start

buried humanity

led by insanity

cremation. degradation. starvation.

what is life

what is man

and why does he think he can

determine who lives and dies

whose race should arise

to supremacy

its disgusting

How is that beautiful and why is that art

what if I was born then

and there

I would never have had the chance to share

My heart my art and my life with world

how cant happiness and tolerance

And interracial love with pure benevolence

not be the art of life?


that was intended for all

and suspended from the deemed small

people who have been victimized by cruelties against humanity

its not fair

natural art

organic love

relations and hope with the One above

is what all men are entitled to

What are you to define it for me

for us for them

and dont even pretend

that “work will set you free” was you real mantra and intent

For the Jews

For the minorities

anyone looked down upon as worthless by the superiority

who are you

we, everyman, has his own art to love

his own mind to make up

individuality and diversity

are beautifully complementary in our world

maybe not you or to your crew

but it’s true

Dachau what did you do

to history

tearing at the memorial

all these thoughts crashed into my reality

Making it hard to breathe

as i realized how blessed our generation is

Judgement isnt incognito

but at least we have the power to veto

blatant racism, discrimination and prejudice.

it still thrives in our world today

tainting human perspectives of one another

but at least its melting away

until its gone forever. one day


You have a power over me

making me feel mad angry

But inspired and free


As we reflect on painful losses of the innocent

in such a socially cruel era

utter terror washes over us all

In essence

This is how I am

This is my stance

And I never plan on changing

I am history as are we all

So embrace it

Learn from it

But definitely dont retrace it

We all have our own canvases so let’s paint it


above all things

Dont let this cruelty ever happen again


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Going the extra mile

is literally the lifestyle and mentality of a student at tech

there is no blowing off or what the hecks

i mean yea procrastination

tends to create and station

the night before a papers due in the lobby of a Viennese hotel

but thats besides the point

Extra Credit opportunities is like natural selection

the ones who choose to the accept are striving for perfection

and success in the class in the eyes of the teacher.

KNOWING THIS, professors layout bait

to see who hates

not being in the teachers good graces

The muzik man Ulrich, our professor of sorts

said “if you go to the Magic Flute Opera and write a report

you’ll be able to get extra CREDIT

getting a good grade without having to BET IT

will be phenomenal

Well little did we know about the night that laid ahead

We got on the subway and as a huge group of American students we were obviously

a target for profit

a random man whipped out an ID and started checking for our subway passes


two of our extra credit crew was knocked out of the bus

with a 70 EURO fine to fuss about


since exchange rates are  like $1.5 to 1 EURO

that ID man was far from a hero. that  blows

after that crazy mishap we somehow met up with the lost

and made it to the opera house

where we stood,stood, and stood in line for 4 EURO


is the BIGGEST oxymoron i have ever heard of

beacause after grabbing a quick HUGE hot dog that was the 2x the size of my puppy

we entered the opera in the standing section where we packed

and stacked and shacked like sardines.

sweating.sweating sweat. profusely. atrocity.

2.5 hours of standing tests ones physical and inner strenghth

is some extra points on a grade really worth this amount of stress and pain?

YES was of course our answers since Georgia Tech is what we affiliate

it was just great.

the show was though. for real. from what I saw on my tip toes in the far

back corner of the opera house.

THAT was an experience that proved that despite my dislike for maths and sciences that I truly

can be



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REST stops are like havens of grease

everywhere we go we have the pleasure of meeting


I mean yea they are cool and better than at home

but come on I didnt come here to eat greasy food thats not authentic




AND on top of this greasy HELL

they put you in a spell

where you have to go to the bathroom. always.


those like money munchers they are.

they sit at the base of the stairs with a jar

open collecting pay





im baffled.

but wait. you think thats all

as you walk to the stall



its like airport security

customs check fury

hits you



people get turned away because they cant PAY the steep 70 cents for the toiletten

its about survival.

and the arrival into the bathrooms of germany.


CUZ when you flush the

seat cushion

rotates and spins and rotates

its wierd but captivating

simple but complicating

and then you realize, that is what i paid for


who would have thunk…

What did the ITALIAN DOG say to the AMERICAN DOG? June 13, 2011

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there are so many dogs around this place its crazy. some with leashes some without. they have a mind and an agenda of their own.

they are all so well behaved.walking down the streets with zooming cars in the area.

there are no sidewalks either. so dogs roam

on their own. total independence, calmness. a level of sophistication that MOST american dogs I KNOW would not be able to handle.

and even the ones on leashes or carried in bags are at times set free. i guess this feeling of trust and liberation in the friendly pups inspires them to be well behaved.

ITALIAN DECORUM. even the dogs are sophisticated. fascinating.

VENICE WIFI June 11, 2011

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Which makes blogging and talking and communicating

issues that arent werent worth waiting

out in the streets of Italy, walking around in search of wi fi

Oh Wi Fi. how we take you for granted in the Great USA

where we can ALWAYS sign on to facebook just to say hey

or stalk our friends pictures. The American Life.

Americans In Italy from Georgia Tech-you wouldnt really expect

us to be studying art and music.
Arent we left brained nerds?

Surprising for some, releiving for most,

we are students that get to boast

about our fabulous adventures of Europe through which we expanded our artistic pallete

and appreciation.

In Florence-our phenomenal, intelligent, and humorously entertaining art professor

Dr. Pearsall

taught us the evolution of how the Judeo-Christian church came, saw, and conquered the world of western art.and expression.

Its interesting.

Such as the artistic movement of mannerism, which is my niche

capitalizes against the socio-political  and scientific turmoil of the 1520s  against the classical principles and NORMATIVE proportions of its predecessor, the High Renassiance

Now, that may sound like a bunch of mush at first. but listen. absorb. wonder

Thats what Pontormo did, the creator of one of the most renowned Florentine paintings: Deposition

which exudes a deeper  understanding of anxiety by means of incredible distortion  where the bodies of the people flow, and become the essence of one another

And then theres this other man Bologna who sculpted this awe inspiring Florentine sculpture known as the Abduction of the Sabine Women.

Linearity’s thrown out of the window and the work is dominated by a central, organic spiral and intertanglement and dependence.


THEN, of course, we studied the one and only master of distortion and perfection and amazement-MICHELANGELO

He sculpted these wierd figurines that may seem unfinished at first glance

but in reality, portray his theory of sculptures being born from the stone and it not being by chance


He didnt stop there, and designed the 1524 Tomb for the one and only Giuliano de Medici

and mannerism is seen through the figurines

the distortion of the necks,and their focus on space and time

the Left base sculpture represents that of Night and death while the right is Day, you see

he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Perseus and Madonna with the Long neck are more immense and intense works of the fabulous type of mannerist art

Then we went to ROME and low and behold

WE STUDIED AND  VISTED elements of the Roman Empire.

It was more than inspiring

to see where and how and through what means concrete was made and utilized

WE SAW the Colesseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon-WOW

triple threat of hugely Roman Influence.

WE STUDIED, central parts of Roman history such as the Arch of Titus and the Column of Trajen.

they represented pure and raw power. the work was unmatched.

By train, by bus, by BOAT we made our way to VENICE, our central hub for the time being-it is more than amazing here. to hear the sound of the local gondolas on the canals.

Its so tranquil and peaceful.

THOUGH the water in the canal is radioactive probably

turning you into some kind of a swamp monster you see. its scary.

totally polluted. not to mention that the city is currently on the brink

of sinking. into the water and vanishing forever.

But it is archaic and beautiful.


Today and yesterday were probably the longest days of the entire trip.

from 8am until 4pm with constant walking. and walking. and walking.

Hitting the highlights of the High art of the High Renaissance. Its amazing.

Isnt it intriguing? Captivating, moving and inspirating?

It makes me want to create and more and move the world now as a designer.

Just you wait..

dogs here are precious. they have an agenda of their own..lesuirely,casually.

they go in and out of stores like they are people. i love it and miss storm. and spice.


I know this aint short and sweet. but I miss you peeps. keep it real in the A and hopefully ill be able to get on the internet more okkaykayykayyy!

FIRENZE June 3, 2011

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sooooo day 3 in FLORENCE and life is fabulous. the weather is superb which is awesome because it was suppose to rain ALL this week! im rooming with my girl lexi, and we have the BOMB room! it has a fridge and everything which is AWESOME because breakfasts here are huge and i can stock up on my MEAT! I love meat here yummm 🙂 Since we are studying music and art, we have been to several museums in the past few days. no but really, we have been SERIOUSLY walking. like almost sprinting! Yesterday we walked a total of 10 miles! BUT ITS BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE IT HERE! AND of course I have already gotten my beautiful florentine scarves…now on to some nice leather 🙂 SHOPPING DAY TOMORROW and we are seeing SWAN LAKE! I am beyond exicted





NO DAY BUT TODAY May 31, 2011

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is the day that we finally depart

The fabulous city of FLORENCE is where we will start

And I plan to buy scarves and jewlry galore; perhaps some leather shoes, though i dont need anymore

Living for the moment. for the now. soaking up all that life has to offer.

Cultural tolerance. love. and art appreciations.and I CAN HARDLY WAIT

4:30 is check in THEN it will all begin; IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?

Yup, Ive been weighing my lugguage all day hoping that it doesnt weigh

More than 50 pounds. YIKES. packing was rough.

I cant wait to live simply. Hand washing clothes daily. is there a dryer?

Theres a clothes line wire.

Cutting out superfluous aspects of my life to see what its really like to be a nomad, to assimilate into cultures, and to be on my own without fabrications.ornamentations. decorations of my usual life.

The bare essentials. Im ready to grow. Im ready to learn. Im ready to embark on the most exciting 10 weeks of my life.

I starts here and now. Ill miss mi familia so much, no doubt.

but its time metamorphasize in the culturally differing eyes of Europe.