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GTL – The Complete Summer-y October 5, 2013

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This is video compilation of some of the highlights from this summer abroad at Georgia Tech Lorraine.  Enjoy!



The South…Of France (My Parent’s Weekend) October 5, 2013

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IMG_2444Half way through the semester, what better time to reunite with the parentals!

I flew down in this dinker of a plane, but hey, it got me there.

Basically a rollercoaster ride at 30,000 ft….nobody’s mad…except the french dude who was yacking next to me…

My Papa and family friend Murray Hutchison picked me up only to bring me back to the most beautiful vineyard getaway I have ever encountered.  It was simply spectacular.


It’s amazing how much better wine tastes when you spend more than 4 euro on a bottle.

The next day my parents and I went down to Avignon(fun fact: the former residency of the Pope before Rome).

IMG_2530       IMG_2509       IMG_2520


Checked a couple off of the Bucket list this weekend!

Galloped a Camargue Horse down the beaches of Camargue(aptly named).


DSCN1301  IMG_2497  IMG_2574

LAYED OUT ON THE BEACHED IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE. wahhh so wonderful I can’t even describe.  Truly, one of my favorite weekends of the summer.  It was wonderful to have a piece of home with me for part of the ride.

PRAGUE: I’m on a Boat, and other Shenanigans October 5, 2013

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A Bridge with a View


Sprinted to make our train to Prague, and made it by the skin of our teeth…if our teeth had skin.  We luckily arrived in a cooler climate in the B-E-A-U-TIFUL country of the Czech Republic.

Prague was spectacular. Light showers cooled us off from our scorcher in Budapest. The stormy skies made for an incredible backdrop.

Left Munich, but seems like the Bachelor craziness is all over Europa.  They should bring the show over to this continent.

Yet another Bachelor Party
Dark skies, happy days

Out to dinner that evening, I decided to be adventurous and order the local flavor, PIG KNUCKLE.  That thing was a fat hunk of meat.  Again, still kinda felt like a pimp with the currency exchange being in our favor.  Eastern Europe for the win.


So dinner done, what to do next….4496788-Great_nightclub_in_the_centre_of_the_city_Prague


We hopped on the boat for a few hours before docking at Prague’s one and only 5 story club, Karlovy Lázne.

We finished off our Czech adventure hiking up to the castle, eating yummy bread rolls, and taking classic pics in front of the John Lennon Wall.  Next Stop….. BERLIN!

katie looking artsy in front of the wall

BERL-insanity October 5, 2013

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The Brandenburg Gate

The temperature dropped even lower as we made our way into Berlin.  Short for time, we opted for the free walking tour of the city’s major sites.  We saw everything from the Hotel where Michael Jackson held his kid out the window, to the Berlin Wall, and Hitler’s Bunker.

50 feet above Hitler's Bunker
50 feet above Hitler’s Bunker
Berlin Wall
The hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his kid out the window
MJ’s incident
The Voids – a tribute to those lost

We also managed to make it over to the Holocaust Memorial, as well as the Jewish museum, both of which were incredible sites to see in themselves.   The designer of the memorial wanted viewers to see it not knowing what it was, and for each person to have their own take away from it.  The Jewish museum is designed with voids to represent the number of lives lost throughout the Holocaust.

The history was incredible.  The city was beautiful, and massive.  We even had a little taste of home before heading back to Metz. 😀 Burgers and Blueberry Pancakes…how I missed you.

Pretty Palace #467

Canyoning in Switzerland July 15, 2013

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Hey friends!

One of my favorite countries thus far has been Switzerland, no question. While the prices are not in our favor, the people are a delight, and the outdoor adventures to be had in Interlaken make it all worth while.

The highlight of my trip to Switzerland was Canyoning through Chli Schliere. While I could try to describe it, it is much better explained through this short video. Enjoy! 😀

Crépes is French for Freakin Delicious June 6, 2013

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391465_10151629704560751_925489455_n     Our 2nd Travel Weekend…. PARIS

After hopping on tracks on tracks on tracks on tracks we finally made our way into the City of Lights.


After checkin in we made our way over to the bumpin’ Australian owned “Café Oz.”  It was essentially a more bumpin version of Model UN.


Saturday we mobbed the Sacré-Cœur, a beautiful church.

images-3 Runnin low in the sleep department btdubs.  This personal philosophy carries over across the globe.

IMG_2135IMG_2136 We were fueled by expresso and egg, ham, and cheese crépes.  Not too many face palm moments like this guy.  I never thought I would be so thankful for McDonald’s.  Their soda and free wifi are a saving grace while copping (country hopping…i hope it does better than fetch).


Vanessa Carlton has got nothing on us… we walked at least 1,000 miles.  We made it down to the Louvre, the Champs de Elysses, the Arc de Triomphe, and of course the Eiffel Tower.

IMG_2140              IMG_2142               IMG_2162