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Parisian Charm July 27, 2012

Posted by David in Travel Log.
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Hey everyone! I’ve been having a great summer so far at Georgia Tech Lorraine. For a few reasons I hadn’t started blogging until now, the main being that I didn’t feel like traditional blogging fit my style well. After looking back on my adventures and experiences in Europe, it became clear what kind of blog posts I wanted to create. I’ve realized my most memorable experiences were often times paired with music, usually that I was listening to at the time. In the next group of posts, I will seek to give a few snapshots into my time abroad with accompanying music. I hope you enjoy!

I remember my last evening in Paris really distinctly, as if it was almost yesterday. With my friends Paul and Conrad, we had a great weekend roaming around the city. We had visited almost all the major sites: L’Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, La Tour Eiffel, and more! We even made it to Roland Garros for the finals match of the French Open! After a long morning afternoon of viewing the amazing exhibits in the Louvre, I split off from Paul and Conrad who were going back to the French Open for a second day. I had to visit Sacré-Couer; it called and beckoned me.

When I walked out of the closest metro stop to the monument, I could feel a sense of something special. The area around was definitely Parisian but something different from any other part of the city I had visited. The shop owners were very cheerful, there weren’t loads of other tourists around, and everything seemed to have a light heartfelt air to it. Once I rounded the corner and saw the huge monument, I finally felt the magic of Paris and why it gets its great reputation:

While walking up the slopes of the hill, I imagined as if I were Amelie or another iconic French film, meandering my way up to the beautiful Basilica at the top. There were people reading and enjoying the sun all around me – this was the place to be on a nice afternoon! When I finally got to the top, I took about ten minutes to just sit around and stare all around me. On one side is a gorgeous white church with intricate detailing and carvings and on another are caricature artists, musicians, and a host of other performers. Finally when I turned around, all of Paris was below me, shouting to me and saying “Bon Jour.”

For the better part of three hours, I sat on top of the hill at a bench and took in everything around me. I read a good bit of a great novel I was reading at the time, I moved to listen to an excellent Adele cover artist, and finally I found a patch of grass to just watch the sunset with, and pulled out my headphones to listen to this song:

Once the song finished, I was such a state of relaxation and enjoyment that I never wanted to leave. Unfortunately we had a train to catch back to Metz so I had to leave shortly thereafter. Nonetheless, I was able to experience how special Sacré-Couer was, putting the cap on an excellent weekend in Paris.

(Photos coming soon, waiting until WordPress let’s me)