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Allie Del Giorno

Name: Allie Del Giorno
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Year: soon-to-be 3rd Year
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Study Abroad Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine Summer Program

My name is Allie Del Giorno and I just ended my second year at Tech.  My passion is biomedical research in the electrical engineering field, specifically neuroscience, imaging, and device technology.  I am involved in the Runnin’ Wreck running club, the archery club, IEEE, and a few more organizations that keep me busy in Atlanta.  I decided to take a summer to see what school and life is like outside the U.S., so I signed up for the GTL Summer Program

The GTL program is in the northeast corner of France.  It is a quick bus ride from one of the best train stations in Europe, and I plan on taking advantage of that!  Some countries I hope to visit are England, Germany, Italy, and of course other parts of France.  I look forward to traveling on weekends and working hard during the week on my tough EE classes to make this summer the best yet.  I can get ahead in my schoolwork while having a blast with old and new friends here in Metz, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!



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