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Andrew Punnoose

Name: Andrew Punnoose

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Year: 4th Year

Hometown: Oak Hill, VA

Study Abroad Program: European Union Study Abroad

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew Punnoose. Just a few weeks ago, I finished up my penultimate semester at Tech, and started preparing for my study abroad trip. Over the past four years, I’ve been involved in a few organizations on campus. This past year, I was excited to be secretary for Sigma Gamma Tau, the national aerospace honor society. I’ve also had a great time doing research both on and off campus. My best summer memories are from when I interned with the Robotics Internship Program at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, both from working with an amazing mentor on developing a hybrid walking-rolling robot and from spending some great down time with the other interns.

This summer, I am learning about the European Union in a study abroad program that takes us to Brussels, Paris, Berlin, and Krakow. We spend three weeks in Brussels with host families, and a week in each of the other cities. While some might think that international affairs is far off the beaten track for an engineer, I find that the knowledge at the junctions of the different fields is both invaluable and fascinating. I’m looking forward to having an amazing time this summer, having great cultural experiences and learning about how the EU functions and interacts with other international players. This coming fall, I will be returning to Tech to begin work on my Ph.D. in robotics, so if anyone reading my blog has any questions, feel free to come and find me!

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