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Brian Wier


Name: Brian Wier

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine


Hello, my name is Brian Wier.  I just finished up my second year at Tech in electrical engineering, with a particular interest in the field of optics and photonics.  I have been a Physics 2211 TA for the past several semesters, and I have participated in campus organizations like IEEE and MOVE.  Being further along in my major than most people who’ve been here the same time, I had very few options for study abroad in terms of usable credit hours.  ECE, however, has a very large presence at GTL, so that fact combined with the ability to easily travel almost anywhere in Europe made it a simple decision for me.


Despite taking a difficult course load this summer of Electromagnetics, Microelectronic Circuits, and Statistics, I plan to travel all over the continent this summer.  Over the summer, I’ll be visiting all over France, Germany, Italy, and Spain as well as visiting some smaller countries such as Switzerland and Belgium.  I hope to visit some more unusual destinations too such as the Scandinavian countries.  Sadly, I don’t speak a lick of French, so I hope I can learn to get by and not be a stupid American.




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