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Emi Leonard

Name: Emi Leonard

Major: Biochemistry

Year: 4th year

Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Study Abroad Program: Italian Film Studies

Hi! My name is Emi Leonard, and I just finished my third year at Georgia Tech. I am a member of a social sorority and am currently a recruitment counselor for the incoming freshmen. I have been involved in Women’s Recruitment Team and Women’s Awareness Month executive board. I also work at the Campus Recreation Center. I realize film studies doesn’t seem like a relevant topic for a biochemistry major, but I need some humanities credits and I have to admit, a break from science and a trip to Italy sounds absolutely glorious!

The Italian Film Studies Program is based in Gorizia, Italy which borders Slovenia. I will be taking two classes: the Holocaust in Film and Documentary Film Making, in which I will create a documentary with a group about a place in Gorizia. On weekends, we will be able to travel and I plan on visiting Rome, Florence, Cinque Terra and Cortona. I am taking classes on campus for two weeks and then will be off to Italy on May 28th! The program ends on June 25th; however, I will be staying until July 6th to travel around Europe with a few friends. I can’t wait!

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