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Eran Mordel

Name: Eran Mordel

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering with Undeclared Minor

Year: 2nd Year

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Study Abroad Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine

Hello !

Eran Mordel here, rising second year at Georgia Tech. I was born in Jerusalem, Israel, but also raised in Tifton, GA, and Marietta, GA, and I am currently studying in Atlanta, GA — Israeli born and bred, south-Georgian infused, and suburban-Atlantan graduated. I am a magician and a recreational swimmer, I enjoy a good movie and good music, and I have a keen interest for cultures, particularly languages. I am an expert Nintendo-64 Super Smash player and I have an avid appreciation for exploring airports, generally traveling, and being adventurous.

During my first year at Tech, I served as a first-ever Freshmen Class Representative [in the Undergraduate House of Representatives of the Student Government Association (SGA)], I served on the Library Student Advisory Board, I played Water Polo for Georgia Tech, I served as Israel Programming Vice President for the Jewish Student Union, and I was highly involved in Greek life through my social fraternity. During the Spring, I also interned at the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast.

This Summer, I will be participating in Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL), a distinct, popular, and helluva study abroad program offered through Georgia Tech. The satellite campus in Metz, France, located in the northeastern region of Lorraine, is celebrating its 20th anniversary since its first cadre of Georgia Tech students began studying there — Summer 2010 is definitely a celebratory and exhilarating time to study at GTL. The beauty of GTL is its entirely “Georgia Tech” nature. That is, GTL offers identical courses taught at the Atlanta campus, provides the same professors as in Atlanta, and runs the program completely in English. I do plan to study some French as well, and hopefully retain it by not being hustled at the market! Georgia Tech Lorraine, for me and for most, will provide a full semester of keeping major interests on track/ahead with one minor detail… Europe is our backyard/playground.

A productive and unique learning experience accompanied by a handful of free weekends at my fingertips to scale Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Prague, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Monaco, Paris, Berlin… France, Spain, Germany… Europe… WOW

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