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Joseph Mattingly

Name:  Joseph Mattingly
Major:  Aerospace Engineering
Year:  Rising 2nd year
Hometown:  Louisville, KY
Study Abroad Program:  Oxford Summer Program

Hey, folks!  My name is Joseph Mattingly, and I’ll be hopping across the pond for my first adventure in Europe through the Oxford Summer Program.  For those who don’t know much about me, I am involved in the Georgia Tech Rocket Club (to say I love rocketry is a bit of an understatement.), the Student Government Association Information Technology Committee, the Sigma Gamma Tau aerospace engineering honor society, and the Georgia Tech Astronomy Club.  I’m pretty passionate about everything I do, so I could ramble on for quite a while about any of these activities.

The Oxford Summer Program is the ultimate study abroad program for students who want to get their passports stamped by the most European nations in a very structured and methodical manner (GT Lorraine has a lot of travel flexibility, but not scheduled as Oxford does), students who are fascinated by the impressive collections of art, music, history, and general artifacts in European museums, students who want to be able to say they went to the University of Oxford, or any combination of the aforementioned.  The first five weeks abroad will be spent touring the European cities of Vienna, Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Prague, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent.  The latter six weeks will be spent in residence at the Worcester College of the University of Oxford.  The Oxford portion of the study abroad session has 3-day weekends, so look forward to posts and pictures not only from the front five, but also exciting adventures to occur in the latter six.



1. Baba - June 3, 2011

I hope you’re enjoying your first trip across the pond Joseph!

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