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Kyle Bogdal


Name: Kyle Bogdal

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 2nd year

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Study Abroad Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine


My name is Kyle Bogdal. I am 19 years old and from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. I just finished my first year at Georgia Tech and am studying to become a Mechanical Engineer. I play on the Club Baseball team at Georgia Tech and was recently elected to become the team’s treasurer. I am also a member of the Student Alumni Association and am specifically involved with the commencement committee that works to improve the commencement ceremony and fosters alumni-student relations. I am a host for the Connect With Tech program, which allows high school “recruits” the ability to experience the Georgia Tech campus and have the opportunity to talk with a current students about college life and any concerns that they may have.


This summer I am studying in Metz, Lorraine in France. While taking classes, I have the ability to travel Europe with friends and have the freedom and responsibility to travel anywhere I wish during the 2-5 day weekends which are catered for the students here to discover Europe. Metz is a city located in the middle of Europe which enables the students here to travel in literally any direction. I plan to go see Paris, Budapest, Athens, Prague, Amsterdam, Munich and Rome this summer and will probably see much more than I ever expected on the way.



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